Weep into your beer!

Yes, it’s that time of the year again.

Heading down the Sozzie coast for a couple of weeks so you’ll hear jack from me after today.

And I’ll still be on leave a further three weeks after that so you won’t hear a whole lot from me then either.

What’ll I do?

And I’m gonna finish this board finally. Wewp! Assuming I don’t have to work on the dreaded landscaping and paving :smiley:

And Chipper - yes, there’ll be piccies :smiley: Dunno how many tho… You know how lazy I am with that.

And remember - if you can’t be good, be good at it. [I suppose that especially applies to you, Peta.]

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you all!

Hope the season brings you waves.

wait, I’m coming too. Pick me up at the airport on the way out of town.

I wish.

… well, someone has to keep those massive sharks down there well fed *

bye ‘sharkbait dougy’ , nice “knowing” you [in a cyberspaced kinda way , at least !]

hope you get some waves …


[ * just a joke … hopefully ?!]

have fun mate

looking forward to see the board done

Fortunate wretch…

Here, it’s sneaking around 0-5 degrees, water temp mebbe 5-8 degrees, waves suck and the clams are around 50 to the square foot, so that’s what I am doing, in the water up to my elbows. Makes me a few bucks, so I can spring for some boots that are both warm and fit, 'cos I am here to tell ya that 1/2 split toe reef boots don’t cut it in the North Atlantic in winter. And the 5 mm ones are impossible to get on.

Life is cruel. But once you understand that, it all falls into place.


Hi Crew!

Well… Two weeks a Middleton (yes Chipper - “Dribbleton”) is over.

Clocked up well over fourty hours in the water. Best of it was three days of glassy 3-4’ waves. And yes and very good portion of that time was clocked on those days :slight_smile:

Got in the water every day. Even on that eerie dead flat day (just went for a paddle).

As for sharks - ten 5+ meter suits spotted within 100 meters of shore in a seven day period. That was in the gulf. I wasn’t in the Gulf so I didn’t worry :wink:

If I am gonna go I am gonna go. Better in the ocean than in a car wreck.