Weight in the tail of boards

I feel some of my boards have a heavier tail.

could this be because


Wax on that end off the board

Tail Pad


Leash Plug

Wider tail end?

or do you think water is getting into the boards and only staying in one end.

On my sunova the tail definatly feels heavier, Hicksy noticed this too. Is water getting in or is this just natural?

fins i reckon.

store your sunova with the nose pointed down for a week, and see if the nose feels heavier- make a note where the balance point is before and after.


Hi Josh,

Just like what Pat said above, it could be taking in water. It could also be that it’s a light compsand and any weight added anywhere tends to be a more significant effect.

Here’s a previous thread on that:

Surfboard Weight Bias

Oh, another good way to see if it’s taking water is to weigh it before a surf and weigh it after. There should be no change in weight.



The multi fin boards I’ve made recently definately feel heavier in the tail loaded up with 5 fins compared to my normal thrusters but then they would. Time to look into lighter weight fins I think.

Probably not true with the Sunova…but I have picked up unglassed blanks (shaped and unshaped) with a very noticeable weight bias. Sometimes the foam goes into the moulds or expands unevenly. I recently picked up a blank that Mystic was working on because he said, “Pick that up and see if you notice anything.” It was very obviously weighted to one side, not even to one end. I think it was a Bennet, but I’m not totally sure. He was going to have to add resin to the light side to even it up. Pretty strange.

Thanks guys! as ben pointed out to me. the fins on my sunova are thicker than most so that could contribute too.