Well known shapers help wanted for HWS design.

I am a manufacturer of hollow wood surfboard frame kits. We have 3 surfer / shapers involved with the company and we are quite good shapers ourselves however we are basically "unknown shapers" other than in the HWS community. Also we tend to make shapes we would ride ourselves. I'm looking for an accomplished known shaper to design one or more of our wood kit boards. We are currently a small startup company with solid growth history. We are willing to make an agreement for a portion of the profits is paid to the shaper as the kits are sold. (A royalty agreement).  Also the shaper will have name exposure, as he/she will be promoted on our sites as the designer of the kit. I would really like to find someone in Southern California as this is where I am located but this is not a requirement.  Anyone interested please send me a resume to me @ brad@hollowbalsa.com

Hi Tuck, have found a shaper designer?

Where will your kits be manufactured?

Our Shop is in Santa Ana, Californa. We're currently booked up with new designs for a while but we're always looking for more for the future. Please send info on your work if you're interested.


Brad Tucker