west oz ....

…not strictly surf board design , but a photo I thought some might enjoy . A tow-in wave …the footage on tv the other night was INCREDIBLE ! This was on monday , 26th june here…

(no , Jake didn’t write the article , they interviewed him , and then that was the headline the reporter chose . ‘Nik’ here might know him better than anyone else here … Jake doesn’t strike me as a big-head , but anyway …that’s by-the-by …enjoy this scary wave , folks ! …)




the forecast for that area for wednesday is 26’ at 16 seconds …

Hey Chip,

You are right, Jake is no big head just an awsome surfer…and classic bloke.

I just checked out wetsand.com and they are calling 32’ foot swelll with 50’ sets to hit West OZ TUESDAY with less than 8 knots of wind.

Man if I were you I would be taking the day off and be heading down the south coast to a certain rivermouth and catching some of that.

I surfed this place only a handfull of times, only breakes maby 2 times a year on a good year…and the river needs to be open to form the sandbar,

needs a HUGE swell.

After having all my fins busted out on the shallow sandbar closeout at the end,… I sat in the sand hills and timed guys pulling 18 second barrells one after the other,… heaven does exist… herb’s been there… and Teressa

take a sickie Chip

I got photos of THAT place , don’t you worry !

just got no car …sniff sniff …