wetsuit question

without the background story....will a wetsuit that has been cut off with scissors start to shred or fall apart at the area it has been cut off at. or would I need to tuck it under and sew it like the end of a t shirt or put liquid rubber on the cut part? thanks

p.s. Im trying to avoid the t shirt and liquid rubber part

I have cut the legs off a couple times. It does kinda fall apart at the cut over time. I’d say cut it a little long and be done with it. 


ASteve, if you want he suit to last, you've got to hem it. Use contact cement and dental floss or tape. Takes a lot of hand stitching to get it so the dental tape(my choice) from pulling through.

I cut one of my old 3/2’s into a wetsuit top and it worked great. It didnt fray at all, but maybe I just got lucky…

I cut the legs off old full suits to make spring suits all the time and I always cut the tight hem off the leg bottoms on full suits so it will come on and off easier. For me I cut and forget it but when i cut friend's suits so they'll be better I put wet suit glue on the exposed seam end so the stitching won't unravel.


I do this, roll it one fold to the inside and use wetsuit glue to hold.

Nothing else needed, dont do less, dont do more.

thanks for the help

ASteve, I have done this in the past, just rolled it to the inside and glued but with repeated use the glue fails and hem comes undone. Then the unraveling begins. The inner nylon layer de-lams from the rubber and it all starts to tear. When you put the suit on the hem gets stretched and it pulls apart. I've had to resort to sewing.