Wetsuit wax removal

Anyone have any good methods? I’ve tried heat/newspaper, paper towels, board wax remover, all with poor to fair results. The wax just keeps building up. Is there no answer to the problem?

o’neill makes a wetsuit cleaning solution…might be worth a shot

The O’Neill product is just a detergent, has no effect on wax but does remove odors nicely.

What I’ve done in the past is to take the wetsuit in the shower and run it under hot water. When it looks as if the wax is in its liquid state, I then take a hand towel to brush/scrub/scrape away the wax. takes alot of it off. It gets those clumps in the seams.


-oh yeah, I sometimes scalled my hands when doing this. So watch out.

Personally I don’t worry about it. My partner does. She uses a luke warm iron and brown paper. Put the brown paper on the wetsuit and iron over the paper.platty.