Wetsuit woes

Being a person of “abnormal” dimensions I’m having trouble fitting into any of the latest crop of wetsuits.All brands come in a series of sizes to fit normal people. Being 5’7"x 90kg (200lbs) x 44"chest with short legs attached, nothing fits and their does not seem to be many custom wetsuit makers in Australia.

A few years ago when suits were less tailored a LS fitted or a L with the legs shortened.My last 3/2 from RipCurl was a XLS with 4" off the legs, the top fitted ok but the kneepads were on my shins and the legs filled up with water so they looked like sausages when I left the water.

I wanted a 4/3 for next winter but after trying 9 types from 4 different makes I gave up, I could’nt get any, even the XXL"s past chest level. I nearly had several heart attacks and did my back in but all to no avail ( and trying on wetsuits on a warm day in the confines of a surfshop changing room has to be one of the most unhygenic pastimes one could get involved in!!)

I’ve tried your E/F bombs, psycos, mutants, cells,gold thingys and other brands so who’s got some advice. My old wetties seemed to have stiffened with age and the new types promise so much. I live 42degrees South latitude.

Not sure if you’re asking for a solution or just venting, but there’s a company in California who’ll make you a custom suit via a pile of measurements you can get a tailor to take for you or do yourself. Just email their sales dept and the ball will roll.

They’re called Hotline and they have a sterling rep for a top quality wetsuit.

I have no affiliation with them whatsoever, although I do own a suit they made for me and it’s been the mutt’s nuts.


Hey bargearse,

I’ve got a friend in a similar situation. He lives in a place where custom surfsuit

shops are not there to walk into. He picked out a good modern surfsuit that fit

him in the chest, then went to a dive shop that made diving suits (should be a

few of those in Taz) and had the legs and arms shortened. He was the happiest

I’ve ever seen him.

The altering shop even shortened his suit’s legs in two places so the knee pads

were where they are supposed to be.

So if the local surfshop does not have your size, see if they can order-in a suit

to match your dimensions (especially in the torso) then alter a bit after you get

it. By going through your local shop, you don’t need to pay any shipping, and

should be able to send it back if the fit is way off the mark.

Just a thought…

(BTW, my buddy’s dimensions are 5’8" 235lbs 53"chest)

bodyline NZ do high quality custom suits


Try the UK´s finest