just got back from the lihue freight station

proneman sent the wftb from oahu

returning from the the australian nation

the bag is downright beaute.

thanks to all who handled the spirit of swaylocks

first swayloholix anonymous in 2003.

it is here in waipouli ready to ride tonite

at kauai sands pau hana surf club.

these are the days of summer

when the cold water upwellings

are a grand and welcome feature

as the heat of the dog days of summer

wear us thin and the benevolent healing

water keeps us from the breaking point

so many world wide are experiencing first hand.

bless us all,and especially phil Mc Coy

who passed depressed like mork 

last sunday…


aloha from waipouli

protect the children

may they live a life

as blessed as ours.

oh yeah waiting for the book,

the log of its ten year journey

that has it’s anniversary

…this october…


ten years is downright metric…

Pau Hana Baptisimal, perfect.


P. McCoy…R.I.P.


A new beginning, and an ending.

“By HIS Grace”.