What a good place to buy 5 minute epoxy?

I’m looking for an internet site to buy quart sizes of 5 minute epoxy. I saw some on raka.com Does anybody have any experience with them?

You can buy the epoxy easily on a RC aeromodeller shop.

after 3 minutes you can´t do anything with it, beacause it begans to polymerise…

don’t know about the RAKA epoxy

I usually buy the system-3 stuff at the local Ace or FBH.

You can order it online from Fiberglass Supply

but lately I’ve just been lazy and wasting my money on those injector syringes with the mixing nozzle and 1min epoxy.

squeeze it on hold the piece down for a minute or two and you’re done

kind of expensive at $5 for a 1oz syringe though and the nozzle is wasteful

i think system3 has these big mixing injectors for a caulk gun.

good to see you and dave posting again

I buy mine at the, “99 cents only” stores.


Thanks for the input Bernie and Herb. I’m really looking to lower the cost of the 5 minute epoxy so the 99 cent store might be the best call. You can really burn through the stuff making longboards. I might try a couple boat building supply stores to see what they’ve got.

always good to have a little extra time to work with while laminating the decks … have fun …!!

I buy the stuff sold at West Marine… but it aint cheap. I think it’s about $9 for about 4oz.

Check some salt-water flyfishing shops (or online), a lot of epoxy fly-tiers out there with some specialized products featuring varied cure times and reduced UV browning. Probably not the cheapest, but you get what you pay for…

All 5 minute epoxy is not created equal. Some types will melt EPS, so test it first.


Lowes carries it. I use this one for tail blocks and anything else I need. I found that I was going throught too many of the small packs. The two part bottles last longer.

Dan: I hope this helps?

If you need quarts: Use West Marine Systems: Buy the resin then choose your hardner = (Fast, Moderate, Slow)

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The loctite one is what I’m currently using, but you would be shocked at how much it takes to do the rails of a 9’6" longboard. I bet that I use most of the kit for just one board. That’s why cost is an issue.

Sorry: I’m using the locktite for small jobs and use RR for bigger jobs as I feel it’s pretty cheap considering.

I glue up with woodworker 2 sometimes and it works fine. I used RR on a parabolic shortboard.

Call Graphite Masters and ask for Jason.