what a pain in the ass

so i glassed on the fins on a HWS i am finishing. the board is glassed in "kinetis epoxy resin". i did the lam 4 weeks ago but only just got around to glassing on the fins. I gave the area a good scuff and sand where fins were to go and then dusted off and glassed the fins in. I waited 3 days and then sanded the glass laps at base of fins to blend with board and i ended up with little white dots were sanding dust was trapped in tiny air bubbles so i thought i would wash board down with water and scotch brite to get rid of them but not working that well.

 the funny thing is that they were not there until i started sanding and i try blewing the dust out with compressor but not work that well either.

what did i do wrong and can i fix it ? i had a very very small bit on my last board and i thought would go a way on the hotcoat but it just end up staying and do not really want to do that again. can i wipe board down with acertone or something to fix it?

any help would be great


so have be seaching site and on a few old post guys saying baby oil works to get rid of dust traped in bubbles? does this work and what do you clean of with before hot coat just water?


I’ve used an old tooth brush and denatured alcohol to clean those out.  Sometimes it works and sometimes it don’t.




Try sanding a little more without sanding it all away if you know what I mean. Just enough to get rid of the dust. Does the trick, usually.

That's the beauty of foamy epoxy on a dark background. Epoxy is thicker and will trap air bubble. Next time use poly resin and you won't have nearly as many air pins.  Also try thinning your epoxy / heating it up somewhat to get it more runny.

If you bust the tops of those bubbles open a bit more the hotcoat will have a better chance to fill the hole/dust voids and become invisible.  I use a small dremel tool with a as very, very, very small dentist drill bit.  It takes some time, but if that's what your after it will do the job. 

epoxy glass over wood is a hard cosmetic combo, especially if the wood is dark

     Howzit twisted, Try a shop vac.Aloha, Kokua

thanks guys gave board areal good wash down with hose and sprayed  area down real good and used neddle to clean out pins, hotcoat worked out good

cheers antony