What about the t-shirts...???...

Put up or shut up…Who’s gonna do the Swaylock’s shirts…???..We need some for the get together… http://www.hollowsurfboards.com

why not everybody make a swaylocks shirt and reproduce the best ie most demanded to be reproduced art…y…fact , or top three or auction the original. Holy aparellelagram battman is this an exponential orr a googooplex stuck on the windshield of the battmobile…oh wait it might just be on my warp speed saftey glasses.I’ll try to burn it free with the plazma torch gun… … … I for one love to make one of a kind…errs ambrose havin fun…

I go for it and eager to see the Swaylocks t-shirt. Regards, Crabie

Crabie - What’s your e-mail address? We are hoping to have some S.A. 2003 t-shirts for sale at the event but I don’t expect you’ll be making it all the way from Hong Kong. If you are interested, I’ll save you one. John

Stuck with work at a new job and I can’t make it north. Is it possible to buy 2 XXL shirts? One for me and one for an equally stuck amigo at Wayne Rich’s shop. They’d be greatly appreciated cheers, johnc

Looks like we may have to increase the order and include some XXLs. Contact me via e-mail and I’ll see what we can do. (goomba271@charter.net)

i can’t make it out west, but i would like to get a shirt or 2 L???

John, I’ll be stuck down south but I would dig a couple of S.A. shirts. Can you e-mail me an address ( ) and I’ll send you a check ahead of time? I could use an XL and L. Will you help a fellow Swayholic out? Will surf for food… Thanks, Magoo