What are you thankful for?

I'm thankful for, among many things, for the good health of my family and to be healthy enough to keep living the surfing lifestyle after all these years!  Happy Thanksgiving everyone.  Mike

for what i receive.



Im thankful for ...

Knowing the good lord has a plan

I’m thankful for swaylock’s.

Thankful for surfing, IMO it's still about the most amazing thing you can do on this planet.

Thankful to have a job where I can help other people enjoy the above.

And of course a myriad of other things, this is the day to reflect.....

A turkey’s tale

Boy, that is a list that could get very lengthy!     Keeping it surf related, I have to say that the friends i've made over the years, through surfing, have been a blessing to me.   Some of those friendships go back over fifty years.   Swaylocks has also played a role in widening my circle of friends too.    Surfing does not define who I've grown to be, but it HAS been a defining influence on me.    It's been a fun, exciting, and enlightening experience for me, and I expect for many of you too.   I'm especially thankful for my very patient wife of 45 years, who is still waiting for me to grow up.    I'm working on it, it's a work in progress.

I'm thankfull to all the marvellous moments of life i manage to get, before life gets me.


I'm thankfull to all the marvellous moments of life i manage to get, before life gets me.



+1. Might be surf related, kids related, wife related.

       To still be alive and being able to post here. Aloha,Kokua

My family.  Surfing is a bonus.  Went surfing with my kids and wife this evening.  Passed on a firing little peak to help my daughter get into some mellower waves.  Well worth it.  I've had my share and anything from here on out is a blessing.

Evolution…Which allows this hairless ape the luxury of frolicking in the ocean, and which is responsible for surfboards… long, short, plastic, woody, single fin, finless and just all-round surfy!

Our Creator:

The Heavens and the Earth he created.

I'm also thankful for the Ocean he threw in for our enjoyment!


It takes more Faith not to believe than to believe!

Thankful That I'm still breathing.  everything else is just icing on the cake.

thankful for lotsa things but what comes to mind at the moment is the Plaskett trip every year...those who know go....

For all the people that unselfishly share their knowledge and experience to those willing to learn.