what blank for 6'10 retro bonzer

does somebody know what kind of blank should i use for a 6’10 retro bonzer, Bing like. 20’/ 21’ wide, round pintail, a little bit less concave than the old one, roundy nose with some materials to keep a certain thickness on it…


Hi, Chacal! Have a look at the 7’ 3" “Phil BECKER” blank. Plenty of thickness to work the bonzer concaves out of, enough nose width, depends what kind of rocker you intended to put in…

I have a 6’10 junior mint bonzer, a stretched out version of malcolms stub, 13"n x 21"w x 14" t x 2 7/8" th.

It was shaped out of a 7’5"A.

Hope it helps.

well thanks, it look good. I’ll have a look on it.

About the rocker, i don’t think there is too much. It’s kind of flatty but some board look flat like my fish simmons and finally is quiet kicked…

I’m not sure what you’re going to shape but I can measure rocker off of a few of my retro bonzers if it’ll be of any help.

that will be very nice. thanks

On my 6’10" retro junior mint, the nose rocker is about 5 1/8". Tail rocker is about 2 1/8".

The nose rocker rises an inch every three inches for the last nine inches or so.

Hope it helps.