What blank for 6'8" singlefin

Looking into making a somewhat classicish singlefin for someone. He wants it around 6’8". That’s all the details I’ve gotten for now, gonna speak with him in more detail later this week. What blank would you guys use? I usually use us blanks. I’m stuck between the 6’10A
and the 7’1EA. Maybe bring the nose rocker down a little bit? I’ve never made one quite like this so advice is appreciated. Also, what would you do as far as bottom contours? These type of board are generally flat or rolled into vee out the tail right? Thanks in advance

…the 7’ 1’’ EA. A little more room for shaping.

I agree with Bill… 7’1"EA has a really good foil and will help you in the finished product. Eric knows what he is doing and I regularly shape from the entire EA series as seen here…

Awesome that’s exactly what I needed. Thanks for the info. I suppose Ill throw some pics up as I go

How do ya’ll think a 7’3 A would work? As far as bottom contours go I have always heard a bit of V in the nose, to flat, V through the fin, and then back to flat out the tail for squirt.

Y’all are pretty stuck in The US Blanks mindset but Millennium has a variety of blanks both in the six & seven foot range that would easily accommodate a board of 6’8. What’s nice about them is the more modern “relaxed” rockers that are stock. I’ve always thought the stock rockers of the EA series to be a little over rockered for anything other than high performance Shortboards. Of course you can custom rocker any blank from any of the “big four”.

Definately open to other blank reccomendations, just typically use US. I’ll check out the millennium catalog. I think I can have them ordered from my usual shop

In the size range you spoke of; I counted ten differant blanks up to a 7’5".