What blank?

Hey guys. What blank would you suggest for a 6’4" egg. This is my first time attempting to shape. I think I’m gonna order from Clark. Thanks in advance.

I would suggest ordering their catalog and look at your blank choices compared to the demensions you want to achieve. Sluggo.

call foam-ez and see what they have in stock. sometimes they have some sweet blanks just lying there. customs take a week longer. get it fast, shape it, then you’ll get the bug to do more. good luck

You can download the latest Clark Foam catalog and save yourself some time. Go to www.clarkfoam.com, click on “Spec” at the top, and you can either look at the info for the blanks one at a time or just download the whole catalog in pdf. I’ll try attatching the pdf link so you can just right click on it and download the catalog… http://www.clarkfoam.com/Seabase%20Clark%20Foam%20Catalogue.pdf

Single fin? Clarke 7’3" with a custom rocker that will give you 1.5 inch tail “lift” and 4-4.5 nose rocker. You want the center 2 feet or so to be relatively flat with a blended curve in the nose but more of a kink for the tail. Rocker curve throughout will take away an “accelerator” from the middle of the board. The custom rocker will allow you to go with a S-deck or modern foil and still have a 3 to 3.5 inch thickness to let you float like a 8’+. A curvier rocker will work if you go multi-fin and harder or tucked edges.