What Bucket Shall I Use?

I’ve been using regular plastic buckets for all of my glassing jobs, but I’ve found that they’re becoming very expensive to buy and I am only able to use them for about 1 glass job, which I think means I’m not finding the best deal. I’m trying the find a bucket that would be good for glassing and could be used multiple times, any suggestions?

Well, you really don’t want to use the same bucket to glass several boards with. bad idea. Dirt, grime and whatnot. Hotcoating and gloss you can get away with casuse the wax will let all the leftove resin simply pop out of the container.

You can get plastic bucket liners at HD for about a buck. Then pour what resin you need into one of a thousand of alternate choices for pouring the resin on the glass…see below for a tasty alternative…

…I use the plastic containers that Marshmallow fluff comes in. They are perfect. eat up all the good fluff and then rinse them out. No charge.


Would it just be easier to go with those foam or hard paper buckets?

paper, yes. foam…depends on the foam, 'cos if you use a styrofoam bucket with polyester resin life is gonna get really messy really fast. see, polyester resin contains styrenes, which dissolve styrofoam quite nicely.

may i suggest a bit of a search through the Archives, and a look at the Resources and the Glossary - many of your questions have come up before.

hope that’s of use


what’s the next question gonna be?

what kind of single edge razor blade is best/most economical?


You’re pretty funny…

Howzit drew, I use the same buckets over and over again. When done just drain all the resin into a older dirty bucket and after the little bit of resin left cures just turn the bucket upside down on some wax paper to keep the inside clean. I sometimes use the same bucket for 10 laminations, just have to take into account the resin build up left in the bucket when measuring how much resin you need. In fact i find a used bucket is better since it is stiffer after being used. Aloha,Kokua


wax paper.

Very smart idea.



Eat more ice cream the plastic containers are perfect,you get at least 6 goes out of each one

The kids and I go through 2 2 liter tubs a week