What defines high performance? *PIC*

Surfing is defined as “riding a wave”. And surfing has historically encompassed more than one discipline. Each manner of riding has its own advantages and disadvantages, on land and water. The temptation to define and circumscribe “high performance” by the ever- changing sport standards of modern pro surfing (which type?), is to reduce the significance of an intense, varied and arguably spiritual experience on a personal, everyday level. Without that, surfing is just another superficial “board sport”. Nothing could be further from the truth.

High performance is all in your mind…man is that a soft wave…lol…peace and waves…

Anytime you affix labels to something it looses a bit of it’s magic. Like stereotyping or any form of generalizing it waters down whatever the original subject was before it was defined under an easier to accept label.Surfing is a good example.Retro,extreme,old school,the list goes on. High performance,kneeboarder,mat rider,old fart on a longboard.It’s all still surfing.

someone anonymously sending in a batch of shots like this to a magazine, no strings attached, no description or return address. Would they print?

German philosipher Martin Buber made the point that applying linguistic definition to anything strips it of its completeness and objectifies it(see “I and Thou”). Surfing is the same (and maybe more so). Definition, categorization, objectification all loose the essence. Lets just go surf - he who has the most fun wins!