What difference in feel?

Hello y-all

What difference would I feel surfing this 9’022.752.7 Quad Longboard Beachbreak EPoXy board in average 2-5 feet waves with low rails and all flat bottom but either:

  1. Sharp Vee in tail, max around front fins

  2. All flat tail

  3. Rounded vee, max around front fins 

  4. Sharp Vee with double concaves

  5. Rounded Vee with double concaves


Any longboarders here that care to elaborate on the feel a bit?

Since the board has so much rocker in the tail, and Quad fins, i wonder if i should keep it all flat?

Some say the Vee helps in turning, but my guess is this board will turn anyhow

So what is the Vee good for, other than turning? 

I can imagine the rounded vee sucking the water over the board, keeping the tail lower

This versus a bit sharper vee, that may be a bit looser, but more unpredictable?

I want to change direction quickly, the drive aint the issue here, just turning, getting speed.

Guessing the concaves only give a bit more hold and drive, more down the line?

So what is your experience or gut feeling say… What bottom configuration does a beachbreak model deserve?

Thanks for the insights


p.s. it is the longboard 2nd from below upwards

[img_assist|nid=1058978|title=What tail does a beachbreak model deserve?|desc=|link=none|align=left|width=640|height=480]



I wouter, go with a deep double concave with rounded center edge on the last third of the board. I found that’s a good bottom for all kind of boards and really the best with quad (rear fins between rails style and mckee style). Water sucking on the rounded center edge between fins give the drive that lack with quad when board is on the flat during transition and the concave+fins give a nice grip when board is on rails

Sorry for my frenglish

While I haven’t fiddled around with quads, I’ve done lots of singles, keels and tri-fins with and without V.  In general, the difference is a smooth carvy feel with V and a crisp, skatey feel with flats or concaves.  V will slow you down when you have the board flat in the water like paddling but once you put it on a rail, it feels like you put on afterburners.  Flat for smaller waves and V for bigger waves.  V likes long peeling waves, flats and concave love beachies and reefs (although both will work in any wave condition).  Hard to screw up shaping a flat or shallow concave.  Real easy to create a dog if you put  V in the wrong spot or it’s the wrong shape for the board.  I think fin location(s) are more critical on boards with V than a flat or concaved bottom.  

I’m still not sold that concave adds drive.  Concave adds lift and drag (you can’t have one without the other).  The whole exhaust/venting dealio seems suspect given what I know about how the wave interacts with the board and general fluid dynamics…

My favorite boards have V like you describe; deepest in front of the fins transitioning to dead flat off the tailblock.

thats all I ride is longboards like Lee said more v less concave wich creates more drag. For all around movement flat at least 4-6 inches down the center to where the fins are placed then heavy v to a slightly flat tail. This board will drive down the line and pivot on any turn, but I'm talking single fin no training wheels.

Well i may be not understand well what is called drive (it’s my bad english). I think that concave add lift because it’s add drag (action /reaction Nweton principal) like fins, and for me that’s give what i called drive= something that give a direction to the board, something against what you can push. Double concave for me is a way to put Vee “slow down” (that lack a lot on quad when board is on the flat) but with more grip and live when board is on rail. I use to surf my quad like that now and one day i need to take my old flat quad, board feel too much skaty and works bad but i love it one years before when i do my top turn by sliding the tail in front of the lip and not by turning on the opposit rail in the lip like now.

This should explain what Drive feels like on a surfboard.