What do you guys think of traction pads/stomp pads?

What do you guys think of traction pads/stomp pads for the back foot? Do they truly help in making turns and keeping on the board? I have never tried one, but since my new shortboard is ready, I thought, why not? Any opinions/suggestions? Thanks

Get some Gorilla Grip for sure. Its the grippiest, has been around for ever and is the best.

iF YOUR not used to grip it sucks dogs balls cause it feels like when you wear reef boots.

I use traction pads on most of my short boards. Besides giving better grip for your back foot, the cushioning effect of the pad also helps prevent delamination in that area of the board.

I use em for all my shorties too. I don’t think it matters which one, if you get a decent one, I’ve never felt my pads, are not “grippy” enough. Most important, I think, is the raised back - I put the pads forward, so when my foot is wedged all the way against that back, I’m in the sweetspot. It just sucks to be able to shape a shortie for so cheap, and have to slap a thirty dollar pad on there. Next to the blank, it’s the most expensive piece.

Where do I place the pad? I don’t want to have to wax the board, figure out where my foot goes from wear, strip off the wax, and then apply the pad. I want to apply the pad before I put on wax, which means that I need help fiding the right spot. I surf down the line a lot, trying to build as much speed as possible to make a big move down the line. I rarely stay in the pocket. I do a lot of cutbacks, as you can imagine, but rarely go vertical (though I would like to change that). But I do want to try some airs. 200 pounds of solid manhood makes it hard to catch air thought. I think I need to lose some of that manhood (less quarter pounders).

Over da FINS, Bruddah!!! (Not LITERALLY, you wise guys)! the boost, the turns…I don’t see enough folks utilising the aft of their boards for manouvering. What you tink?! T.

I know the pad goes over the fins, dude, but how far from the tail of the board? It’s a 6,10 tri fin.

Where does your foot go? Dude.

usually i put em about an inch in front of the leash plug, but obviously it depends. i like em cause they keep the back deck from getting pressure dings, help me place my rear foot(gives a point of reference), give me something to push my foot against when duck diving, and…shift your weight subtly to the front foot. wherever you put it don’t put it too far forward. better it’s too close to the tail.

I put ‘the bump’ right at the leading edge of the trailing fin - like I said, I wedge my foot all the way against it - I’d say this is probably a far back position, I ride my shorties real loose, never go straight. Of course, you board design, fin placement, riding style will all affect this. Really the only true way to do it is to wax it up first - its really not that bad. But if you have a similar shortie laying around, go take her for a spin, smear on some fresh wax - and I mean smear. Also use something with a little lower mealting point - maybe some cool or cold wax.

…They make great gifts for your competitors,just before their heats. …If I put one on my board it’s because I need a drag chute!Herb

DO traction pads slow down the board?

yes just like wax – if you put them on the bottom, you will definitely slow the board down!

…Yes,especially shortboards. …Do the test,get a pad with a kick(like most models have)in it.The taller/cupped, the better.Paddle/ride the same board in the same day with and without it on.Then tell us what you think.Herb