What do you think of these keels?

Hi all,

Was wondering what you guys think of these keel templates for the fish I will eventually build barring anymore dog attacks (6’0 X 22 X 17 X 16). The top one is 9.5 x 5.5 and the bottom is 9 x 5. Which one looks like a good one? (they both look good to me but I tend to like the curvier larger one). Also, would you foil both sides or just one side? I’ve got 12mm plywood to use as material to make them out of, thought I might get started on the fins whilst I wait for the new blank to arrive. Any help greatly appreciated


Hi Aj,

I don’t really like them. I’d be glad to send you some of my templates. You could use any of them or use the curves to come up with something you prefer. Mike

Hey Rooster - Thanks for your honesty. Out of curiousity, what is it that you dont like about them? Im new to the whole fish thingy and especially the fin thing. If you could send me some of your templates that would be fantastic.

Thanks very much


Hi Ado,

not sure if rooster will agree, but the “nose” of the fins seem to drop too much. Also

on the curved-back version, you have a little dart at the trailing/edge base that could

best be made out of the fiberglass rope work during the install. (IMO).

Here are some recent ones I did:

There are so many very talented fin makers here, and I am very impressed at how quickly others have

caught the concept, and took it to the next level…

These are three species of keel fin, curved-back, straight-back, and assymetrically foiled curved-backs:

Each fin serves a purpose. Each feels quite different from the other.

Hope this helps,


Hi George, thanks for the photos. By the nose I take it you refer to the long curve down to the front of the the fin. I notice that your curves seem a bit gentler and less pronounced in their curve to the base at the front (nose) - is that the correct interpretation? I guess I can modify my design by putting the highest point further back so the nose slopes a little less abruptly? I’ll design some new ones and get back to you guys.

Take it easy.


hi again Aido !

mate , if any of these appeal to you , feel free to use them , or by all means please drop around , if you like , and I can trace a copy of the original templates for you , if you prefer …

[there are also twin fin template and single fin template threads too , in the search facility]

cheers mate , I hope this is of use to you …


whenever i make a template using the 9x5 it seems inevitable i wind up with templates like those.I think they look better at 8x5. a little looser. Plus one has some good templates

Hi AJ,

The first 30 percent of the leading edge looks strange to me. Almost like a bump. + 1’s a pro and my fins don’t touch his work. My templates are similar, however, and I’ll put a bunch on paper and snail mail them to your if you pm me an adress. Mike

Thanks for your help Chippy, George, Rooster, et al!.

I’ll try 8 x 5 as suggested and see how that goes. Fun designing hey!

Chippy - your templates look great and I would be happy to use them.

Rooster - sent you a PM.

Take care


Here’s a 9" x 5" template out of the “Surfboard Design & Construction” book. I want to say it was Steve Lis template, but I may be wrong on that. Anyways, if you print out this image, it should print out pretty much actual size.

Thanks Lawless.

They look the goods.


ps - do you usually single or double foil?