what does Surfline say about YOUR home town?

i randomly came across THIS in the travel section of surfline, and found it especially entertaining. i’m curious…do they rip into everyone else’s hometown the same way? this is a little harsh…

[indent]Only Boca Raton rivals Miami’s South Beach for decadence and conspicuous consumption. Simultaneously sleazy and swanky, one must have at least five credit cards, own interest in a title loan agency and be mortgaged to the hilt to live here. The irony is that repo men (a close second would be plastic surgeons) make the most money of anybody. Boca Raton straddles the Broward/Palm Beach County line and has decent surf, but no great surfers have emerged from the area. They are all too busy comparing BMWs, checking on their penny stocks or preening. Pecking order in the lineup is virtually established upon the kind of car you drive…


Hi Brandon-

Haha, yeah they did it to my local as well. I’m on the Great Lakes… here’s what they had to say… good for a laugh anyway. =)


It’s Florida…who cares!

Just kidding man!

Actually surfline got pretty close on my town.


“Add to this lovely picture some of the worst air and water pollution in the state, an exploding population, a decaying sewage infrastructure, numerous border issues, mass immigration, freeway congestion, skyrocketing real estate, a polarization of classes, the disappearance of small farms, development of the backcountry, an over-fished ocean, El Nino, La Nina, a sucky baseball team, a suckier football team, no basketball and a coffee-shop job waiting for every graduate of San Diego's four universities, and you get something approaching a clear illustration.”

they forgot to mention that it gets gloomy in June…

If the Padres went back to those sweet brown and orange unis of the late 70’s…then I think everyhthing would be fine.

No basketball would be a plus in my opinion.

I get the feeling that this was written by a bitter Cardiff local who is trying to keep sufers away…

Similiarly, The Boca thing was written by a bitter Mega-rich property owner who also wants to keep people away. You know, they don’t want surfers parking on the thier streets beacuse they don’t have enough room in their four car garages for the extra Bentley, or hummer H2.



I think that sums up boca pretty well…LOL. Pretty water when there are waves…too many people…too much glitz. Funny …on my location it shows a nice wave…which we get about 5-10 times a YEAR…LOL !! Have fun…

wow…that Great Lakes map is AWESOME.


Similiarly, The Boca thing was written by a bitter Mega-rich property owner who also wants to keep people away. You know, they don’t want surfers parking on the thier streets beacuse they don’t have enough room in their four car garages for the extra Bentley, or hummer H2.

sad…but probably true, man. at my local spot, they just broke ground on a new condo (units starting in the mid 2’s…and yes, that’s million). when it goes up, we’re gonna lose all of our street parking. there’s a small lot, but there’s less than 20 spaces and they’ve got a 1-hour limit. what happened to my happy little town? when my family first moved here, it was NOTHING. and now…ugh!

move man…move!

Get out while you still can

Florida sucks anyway!


i dunno, man…as much as i hated growing up in boca, i really found some appreciation for it when i left for college…and then, when i was done, i came back…boca is home. although, this time next year i’ll be in law school…here’s what Surfline has to say about one of the spots near where i’ll be…

[indent]One of the west coast’s best pointbreaks. On a good day, it can produce Malibu-like conditions, with rides more than 100 yards long…A classic right that peels slowly and holds its power all the way into the beach, it’s a longboarder’s dream.

[/indent] …maybe this won’t be so bad.


Don’t forget the wonderful surf personalities at surf spots like Windnsea. I was out there last week, saw 3 complete ass kickin, and 2 guys chased out of the water. And that was all during 1 surf session. And all this happened for really no apparent reason, except the crews only way to perform crowd control. I’m getting too old to deal with this, I’m moving to the North Shore where the crowd is more mello.

Keith, can’t get more to the point than that… Also to add our new Tsunami warning last night, my phone was ringing off the hook with everyone telling me to get to higher grounds.

It’s getting pretty bad around hear!

i can’t even believe that, jay. when did people become such dicks? before long we’re going to need to start arming ourselves just to be able to surf and leave in one piece. a glock will fire underwater, right?

My “home” break just down the street is describe thusly:

“These days, the parking lot at LM seems to be full of SUVs and people with surfboards. Many of those people are women. LM has its epic days, but for the most part, the surf ranges from poor to so-so, and the water is crowded with beginners and intermediate surfers.”

That pretty much covers it! In other words, it’s never the best, but there is always something. If I was suddenly to lose the ability to drive to other spots and had to surf only one spot near here for the rest of my life I’d probably choose this one because the other spots, while better and not crowded, have too many days where they are terrible or not breaking at all and i’d go crazy waiting for something to surf. But since I can drive…i’m glad that there are still quality, empty spots all over the northern california coast.