What ever happened to...


But most of the time I let her sleep in !

But serial fooks…where is or man from HongKong been?

…Even though it seems a little hard to tell…

…I’m still Alive and Well ! Herb

Its nice to hear that your doing good Herb. I have been real busy with school but am doing good. However i did just get 19 stitches on my face yesterday. I did the good old one cross step too many and whammo. Luckily my vision is still fine, i was real close to pulling a Derek Hynd. I even landed some stiches on my eyelid. I got real lucky and i will be wet in a week. Darren

Hey Darren , hope your OK , chicks dig scars. Herb hows Shelby doin, Ginger says Hey!

Hey Herb,

Did you ever dip those feathers?

I never wake up crabbie cause I’m so happy for another day.

If you have an email I can send you some photos to I’d like to check in with you.

Mahalo, Rich

Yes,Rich,look for a good review soon here exclusive to Swaylocks.Great fins guy!Herb

Darren hope your face is okay.Kirk is right I get more time w/ the gals flurting w/ me after my face got scared up!

Kirk,Got a “dingking” kit and it works great! Have to fix your wife’s trunk soon/someday.

Shelby still kicking it w/ me.She real perked up after coming back from sur.She might even see another one!

Hope all is good w/ all here,still battling it out with my face vs. water qualities,But for the most part I’m winning!Herb

Bless it is he who in the name of charity and good will sheperd the weak thru the valley of darkness,for he is truly his brother’s keeper and the finder of lost children.E-25-7