what is a dremil tool

Hi. I was looking in the archives on how to shape a but crack on a fish and I saw loads of reference to a dremil tool. I know this probably comes across as really dumb but I’ve never seen / heard of a dremil tool. Any advice on where to get one / how to use one would be really appreciated. I’m nearly ready to do the rails and but crack on my first fish. Thanks Brian (Ireland)

Dremil tool and a die grinder work well for that crotch in the swallow tail.

It’s sort of like a dentist’s drill – a small hand-held motor, runs at fairly high speed (5,000 - 15,000 rpm), with interchangeable bits/drills/grinders/attachments. They come in both battery-operated and plug-in varieties, and a lot of companies make them (Dremel is one brand name, probably the best known one). Any decent sized tool outlet or hardware store should have one.

Brian, Dremil is a brand name for a small, hand held (like a fat pen) grinding, drilling and trimming tool. I’ve seen them at walmart along with bits and accessories, and not that expensive, although the outlay for one or two boards may not justify. That said, I’ve used a dremil for many years and I find it one of the handiest tools for a multitude of small and intricate grinding and trimming uses. They don’t have much use in the surfboard trade, except, I guess, for the job you want to do.

Hey Brian, Look on e-bay under Dremel tool or rotary tool. They are a great tool. also see www.dremel.com Best Herb

here’s the latest and greatest:

I was just at Home Depot last night and got the router attachment for mine. It was only 30bucks and it even plunges. Also a little tip: My rotary tool is a Craftsman model (which was made by Dremel). They general go a few bucks cheaper as they do not bare the more known “Dremel” label. All Dremel brand attachements have fit it so far. Best, Herb Bean

Dremel tool is an inexpensive “duct tape” of tools. It can be used for nearly anything, poorly. To cut the butt crack on a fish, I’d prefer a router, which is a really good tool, but much more limited in its utility than a dremel. But, if you are hacking on surfboards a lot, a router is REALLY useful. With a router and a nice drill, you’ll find the dremel being left alone a lot more. http://www.blakestah.com/fins/

proper name is rotary tool. get a rotary tool kit. perferably dremel brand dj

dremel is excellent for triming, drilling, cuting, even at low revolutions you can clean your teeth and polish your wifes nails. thousands of potential uses and everything in such a small tool.

Thanks everybody for the advice. Thinks I’m not on the right track