What is going wrong with the forum???

Recent topics have vanished, old threads show up as page one, WTF?       Bugs?     Hacks?    Viruses?   

I haven’t seen that today…but many times in the last week I have gotten ‘service unavailable’ or ‘error loading page’ while other sites load/work fine. It runs better on Firefox, I know it’s worse on IE and heard it’s even worse on a Mac. -J

Well, it seems to be corrected, for now.        It was strange to see the older threads, below the sticky.      Time travel, perhaps?

I have used nothing but Firefox for at least six years. I sometimes switch to Chrome when things seem wonky and I want to check it. Anyone using IE is stuck in the last century.
Still, the browser doesn’t really matter, as this is the slowest, most problematic website I can imagine.

And, when I hit “save” to enter my last post, this is what I saw next:


"Service Unavailable

The service is temporarily unavailable. Please try again later."


Me too.

It happens t m sometimes… press f5 and u got the page back.

Better not use IE… tons of troubles…


I am on for the moment, Firefox on a Mac has been almost impossible. I am using Safari to do this no problems but I use firefox for everthing else kind of frustrating.