what is "roll" under a board?

im looking at a discription of a board online and it says, “slight roll for forgivness” with an arrow pointing about a foot or so down from the nose. is it the oppostie of concave? thanks

Yes it is. Often referred to as “belly”, too. A convex shape that makes his way through the chop easily and helps in transitions from rail to rail.

thanks, what are the advantages and disadvantages of “roll” vs. “concave”. this is the board im looking at, its the compact disc. http://www.webbersurfboards.com.

I’ll take a stab at it. Concave gives you lift, you’ll usually find concave working together with sharp edges in short board, lot’s of lift and release. single concave, to a double concave flat out the tail w/ shape edges up 18 inches…etc. Thats not to say that log long don’t have concave, lot’s of new school longboards have nose concave, that will give lift in the nose, and supposedly be a better nose rider…but that is as subjective as pintails vs squashtails. The new school boards still combine modern rails to acheive an easier turn.

Belly will be found more often in old school logs, belly and soft edge boards, ie 50/50 rails. soft edge tend to allow the board to be sucked down or a more flow feel, definately a more stable feel. Belly in the bottom of an old school log can almost have as much belly dome as the deck dome…almost. Belly will also be found in some gun shapes, but more likely a rolled vee, than a rolled belly.

When thinking of belly in a long board, think of a drop knee turn. Belly in a board is pretty old school, and makes a more mello ride if thats what your after.

That compact disk board will be a more eggy / hull type ride. Don’t expect it to slash and burn. Expect it to trim out, transition (rollercoater top to bottom) and run the short boards over.

That’s my take on it.

thank you.

check liddlesurfboards.com for some more input…

roll is a rounded convexity from side to side under the board.

Vee is a flat pointy convexity from side to side.

Concaves generate more lift from planing than non-concave boards, ceteris paribus, but generate less lift from displacement. As a result they ride higher in the water.

Boards with convex bottoms (Vee, roll) generate more lift from displacement, ride lower in the water, and generate less lift from planing.

Generally concaves have more drag going straight, convex boards have less, but concaves respond much better to rider torque because they sit higher in the water. Of course, when you turn you are not going straight, and concaves turn more forcefully than convex boards. But they don’t glide nearly as well.

A board with roll will have the convex ride attributes while going rail to rail more smoothly than a board with an otherwise equivalent Vee.

I’ve seen roll only in longboards, displacement hulls, and Jeff Clark’s 4 fin Maverick guns.

Great words from everyone !!!

Hi groggylbc. You really want this type of board. No wait…You really need this type of board

Check out the Walden

See those chime rails ,blended into the concaves and the two plus one set up. Yeah!

Squash tail, sharp edges around the tail.

Glide through the wave pumping for speed and blow minds!!! Stomp the tail for a rad turn.

Oh yes, the Hull ,the disc ,the mini log ,the Webber

The Webber looks good but I’m a big fan of the Walden and the Liddle Hull.

Working on a 6’11" right now…

Have fun