What is the best all around board for a big guy?

I have been lurking on this board for quite some time and wanted to get some open minded folks to help me with my next board. I only have one condition, that it fit in my car which would put it about 9ft or less. I am 6’4 235 and have been surfing for a long time. The last few years I have been kneeboarding, and just have recently gone back to surfing standup, and predictably I suck. So what I am looking for is an all-around shape for OC , mostly beachbreaks that sometimes get a little punchy. I have always been pretty close minded about boards and was thinking of ordering a big-guy tri, but really want some input from people that other stuff, even shorter longboards. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Consider a round tail egg set up as 2+1, a quad or a twinzer depending on how vertical you want to surf. Drawing in the nose always helps when you want to go vertical so you may want more of a hybrid shape depending your STYLE :wink:

Something around 8’0"x17.5"x22.0"x15.0".

I think 3.0" plus in thickness would be a good call for you.

If it’s shaped right the size is a good compromise and done with eps/epoxy it’ll only weigh 11 or 12 pounds. Check in with your local shapers and see if they have the technology to produce a board like this or something close to it.

If can’t find anyone and what to shop out of town I can recommend shapers here where I live but it’s always better

to stay local when you can.

No Worries, Rich

Check out my “what SHOULD I be riding” discussion…ACE

I was just about to say… don’t even bother with a single off-the-rack board sold today… unless its from ACE.

I’m 6’2, 225 and haven’t seen a board in a shop that would work for me in a decade or more. And yes, I’ve been this size waaaay more than a decade - they just don’t make 'em anymore.

Definitely check the thread ACE pointed you to. Also ones by 11 Foot and even Bert Burger (6’3 and 100 kilos).

And lastly, my own advice - don’t be afraid of WIDE. Hell, if your arm can fit around it, no reason you can’t surf it. You want a 9 footer, or even an 8… 25" in the middle and 17" at the tail will work fine with the right rocker & fins. Don’t be seduced by thickness (Infinity) or length (Harbour), its all about the planing surface under YOU. Pinch those rails, lean it over, and have some fun.

I still believe in pretty much the same things as always. Being 6’1’’ 228 myself and still enjoying shortboarding…I have pretty much settled on wider tailed singles for the most part.


I still believe in pretty much the same things as always. Being 6’1’’ 228 myself and still enjoying shortboarding…I have pretty much settled on wider tailed singles for the most part.

Solo, You forgot this one. Mahalo,Larry

I didn’t forget about the 21st century version…the pics were too big. I was using a different computer. 21st century, adjustable…fun.

long ,wide and thick

shaped to your likeing

Ditto Halcyon.

IM 6’7" 250 and I can spank this board around like a skateboard. Benny’s right…go wide …bigger guys have leverage that is often over looked by mainstream board builders. I believe this one is around 18n x 23 x 17t x 3" with a thruster fin set up and feels like a skateboard to me on big waves. Its still fun on waves in the waist to chest range.




Board & fin,

I have a nearly new 7’10 x 20 3/4 x 3 big guy shortie, hi performance board, Clark 7’11R / poly glass 6,4 top, 6 bottom. that i shaped. I’m 6’2, 205-210 (depending on the meal) And it floats me knee hi, and turns really well. It would float you below the belly button dry to the top of your knees or so. I surfed it a few times and it worked well, but seeing that there is a constant stream of boards around here, and just put it in the rafters. if you want to try it before making something give me a PM, or if you want to buy it I’m open to that too.

I think resinhead’s board would go well for someone your size.

People seem to underestimate the amount of extra planing ability that bigger guys need.

Naturally you could ride a smaller board - but you would be one frustrated fish in crowded or less than perfect conditions.

Tell us how rh’s board went!

Big difference between 205 lbs. and 235 lbs. no? Whatever floats your boat.

Yep. Just about 30 lbs I reckon?

Yep - as RH calculated - 30 lbs.

I based my statement on the fuzzy logic - “I weigh 220 lbs - he’s 235 lbs and outa practice so he’ll need more than me - I use a 6 10 x 20 - which is just about ok”.

Boards and Fins, Were’nt you looking for an alternative to the standard “big-guy tri” ? A fuller outline combined with the right rocker and bottom

might surprise you. They plane well and fit into a variety of waves. ( By the way, I find it interesting that you have been concentrating on the art of


If you ever get chance-check Bonga or RussK. riding their eggs. Ripping.

I.M.H.O. the big guy tri is a more limited option, mostly surfed off the tail lending to a certain style. I’ve been through this many times while growing

older. It usually led to a desire to train and ride performance boards with less volume; adding to the quiver.

Resinhead, we are the same size now but I spent years at 220#. Thanks for the arithmatic lesson boys. No offense. Aloha.

At 6’6" 240 lbs, I have my 7-year old 7’10" x 21" x 3" round tail single fin flat bottom and after all that time, all those waves, all those dings and patches, it still surfs better than I do, all over Oahu.

I would not recommend going much thicker though, and not less than 2.75" thick whatever you do. Thin boards, especially thin longish boards, snap.