What is the status of the 13 Ft Pipeline Roy Special

Ok so it’s been a while. what’s going on with the Roy Pipeline Special? Update please.

I predict as soon as the current contests are over the circus leaves and Garrett gets back to Hawaii

He’s been designated the test pilot and the fin’s being repaired.

should be a nice show if the swells continue to come in like they have.

everyone’s awaiting Garrett’s thumbs up for a second/third reef jaunt…

its a good combo

the best the board could ever hope for at a place like that

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What happened to the fin?

A monk seal bit it off…

Or it fell off, 'cuz it had been put back on in a less than 100% manner, so Roy sent a new one, and it’s been put on.


GoingBigIkaika2.jpg picture by easternpacific

GoingBigIkaika.jpg picture by easternpacific

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Wrong board there epac.

Here’s the original FP12 design being recreated, it was discussion regarding this board with Bill Barnfield which started the whole pipeline mission, we made a 13 foot version instead as the NZ crew wanted a 13 rather than a 12.


a picture’s worth a thousand words. How’s it going Roy?

It’s so cool that Garret is riding your board. Perfect fit for the task, I’d say.

I’d be thinking that your big wood board would be fitting into the slot like Blane’s above. Ikaika seems to have the same veins as Garrett, both as skilled as they come. For me posting the picture, I’m into showing the shear glory of that wave, and am hopeful that you get someone to pull into one as big and beautiful as Ikaika’s. The whole sequence is on Blane’s web-site paddlesurfhawaii.com Check it out.

Good luck with your boards!

Aloha ~



Thanks epac, those SUP’s are pretty wild boards, a totally different direction from my long thin rockered machines, bizzare how the rider is perched right on the rail and using the paddle as a kind of outrigger.

Anyway I’ll be axed here presently, be nice plz !

No worries R. We're turning over a new leaf here. I think as long as we leave it civil the new administration won't kill this one. We're glad the guys in Hawaii are putting your fin back on, so you can have another day. I've had my ass kicked over there on small days, can't imagine what your board will do when it gets big. I think Bill Barnfield said it way back during the first round of events, that if nothing else, the pictures on those beautiful bluebirds will look glory full. Hey, you made it this far, why stop now? Good to hear from you!! Maybe three years will be the charm.



Welcome back

I sent you a couple more emails…never heard back from you.

Please…just stay away from the canned meat product. LOL (get it?..spam…awe come on!..that was funny!)

Anyway…all in fun big dawg


And more importantly, I hope the family is healthy and happy. Mike

If you need to explain the joke, it wasn’t funny

one persons sh!t…is another persons fertilizer

If somebody doesn’t get it…maybe they weren’t supposed to.

It’s all in jest…even if you don’t think it’s funny.


same as it ever was…

Hi Todd,

I don’t recall getting any email did you send them to Astro@olosurfer.com ?

Seriously anything@olosurfer.com will get through.



Howzit bammbamm, Now let’s not start anything here, It’s Epac-man said we are starting things again. As long as we stay civil minded then we can all get along.No need to provoke or start any thing that gets anyone banned. Live and feel Aloha and it will all come back in your favor.Aloha,Kokua

Howzit E-pacman,Great picture of Boogies boy Ikaika, the kid can really surf. Back in the late 90’s when he was still a young teenager he and Boogie came over for the Pine Trees Longboard Contest and Ikaika won his age division. Things are going pretty good so far and oneula stopped by this afternoon with some goodies for me, he truely lives Aloha and I am lucky to be a friend of his. If you ever get the chance to meet him while in Hawaii do not pass the chance up, Aloha Kokua

Hey “he who shall remain nameless” lol

I’ll resend those emails today(if I can find them).

The situation is as follows:

Haleiwa Bill from surfermag offered to look after the board last year and has had it in his care since early December 2008.

When the fin broke we made another stronger one ( of identical shape) and had it with Bill in Haleiwa within 5 days via express courier. That was 7 weeks ago.

We had three offers to install the new fin, however Bill assured us that he was on to it and it would be done as soon as the new fin arrived. It is a one hour job at the most.

Since then we have been assured several times by Bill that the fin has been securely installed, that the guys are ready to go at pipeline with 20 minutes notice. . . and that the only reason Garrett didn’t take her out at pipeline on a certain date recently was because a boogieboard contest was on.

Anyway yesterday I heard from Bill that in fact the board has not had the fin installed at all, and has been sitting doing nothing for 7 weeks.

So, that’s where it is at right now.