What is thi board worth?

I just came across a 9’4" board made by Stuart Smith. I paid $550.00 for it, it was in good shape, 1 ding and a few compression dents. 3 skegs, no apparent model #. Looked like an old board so I broke out the bucks…any news?

Looks like he started his label in the mid eighties. Take a look at the link. Best, Herb Bean http://www.seajuice.com/stuart.html

$7,425.653.38…especially after catching a wave from point A and riding it through point Z and stepping off into the sand .and going home with that glow that will stay with you for the rest of your life…congratulations …ambrose…learn to ride the board properly to make it sing like every “STOBY” should ( Excaliber in a sheath of invisibility)