What is this board brand??

Hey guys…I’m new to this forum and to surfing even though I live 5 minute walk from the water here in HB.  I’m an old guy just starting off. I am hoping someone can identify the brand of my board and if it would be worth fixing up. Check out my pic and let me know.



You need to display a picture of the bottom and fin area w/ closeups.

From the disco stripe on the top I’d say its an late 70’s, early 80’s model.

Good point…Here you go.

Don't know who?  I would ride it, could be fun.


You don't say how old, I'm over 60.  I shape lots of boards for older guys

who surf Bolsa/HB.  If you are 5 min. from the water, you should have

enough coin to buy a decent new board on Main St.  I would recommend

that you visit HSS (Hun. Surf & Sport) and check out their boards in the

9'6 - 10' range.  Come on down to tower 21 in Bolsa and learn in an easy

environment.  When you get better, surf GoldenWest/Cliffs, South Side with

the rest of us old geezers...........LOL  Eventually, when you get good enough

to miss surfing on any day when there is waves, you should order up a custom!

Just my 2 cents, hope this helps!!

…wonder if it is an early day Bessell? The B looks kinda like his. 

That’s a Becker…

Right on… thought I’d recognized that B somewhere.

So the earliest that board can be is 1980 (and is within a few years of that tops! I dont believe those ‘disco stripes’ were around for more than a year or two) when Becker/Hollander went into business for himself and opened his own shop in Hermosa.

I ordered a custom from Becker then, had an appointement and it went quicker than a 20 minute haircut.