what i've been up to, photos


well i’ve been pretty buisy with schoolwork and surfing lately, thats why i havent had much sway time. anyway here’s some photo’s.

Has the attachment size got smaller? i’m only able to post really small pics for some reason.

First off i’ve been surfing stacks (twice a day, everday at least once)

Secondly, i unfortunatly snapped this fin out of my singly. the good ol reliable mark warren multi fin snapped when i just gently layed my board on the beach.

and i’ve been riding these two boards lots also

more to come



Going surfing…again

I’ve been wanting to try this fin as a thruster on my 8’6" mal too!

I got this board for free. it is incredably dinged up and all the glass has ripped off the bottom.

I’m not sure if i should. repair and spray or strip and reshape a nice 8’6" its thick as a brick.

7 1/2" Multifin (plastic) resined in to fin box way far up from the tail of a 9’ board = spinning.

This was before i took it for its first surf and 6" off fibreglass ripped off the bottom.

i love the board and plan to give some tlc to make it beaut again!

cheers for the photos Josh !

the Katana is made about 7kms from where I live , two of my friends ride them .

small world eh ?

oh , so it’s not only me who thought the photo size has shrunk then [29kbs or something like that now , I think ? …it used to be 87kbs , yes ? sorry …if I “overloaded the system” perhaps , Mike ?]

thanks for the info Ben!

it was left over from a house at Bondi that was about to be demolished. i love it!

hey josh, nice MR board there!. Free boards rule !!. Nice pics

Hey Josh,

I’ve surfed Avoca/N.Avoca a bit way back (last time was 5 years ago). I

always stayed at the southern end in rented holiday units.

Anyways, you can fix that broken fin tab. Just find yourself some aluminum

flat stock and saw a slit into the fin where the old tab was. Use epoxy

and glue in a short bit of the flat stock (4cm) into the slot. It should extend

out as far as the old tab did (use another fin for reference).

Once dry, drill a hole in the aluminium for the fin screw and paddle out.



Hi George!

Thanks for the tip! i’ll definatly do that. Good to hear you’ve surfed Avoca. I love it and live in the southern end not to far from where you stayed.

Thanks Beerfan!