What kind of fin would you put on this shape?

Its still missing nose and tail blocks, but the except for that the outline and rocker is set.

It’s going to be 6’10"x20".

Here’s the problem… I can’t, just can’t put a fin box in this board. I have to go with a glass-on, and I really don’t like the “just grind it off and and replace it if you don’t like it” solution. So, in the infinate collective wisdom of sways, what shape/size of fin should I carve to equip this board with? I’m planning on laying up a couple of sheets of 1/8" ply with a few layers of glass between for the fin blank, but I’m really up in the air about shape.

BTW~ This is made from the blank that was going to be my “wallhanger project”. I decided that it would be better to make a board that would actually be ridden.

How about a 8" Greenough Series 6?

That’s an interesting idea… I’ve never ridden one of those, but always been curious.

Of course, if I really hated it, then it would necessitate the “grind off and replace” I’m trying to avoid. Also, do you think it would hold up if shaped from ply? It looks like it would need to be made from a full-thickness glass fin blank to support the torque from that big tip.

Just an idea…

Laminate 15 layers of cloth on a waxed sheet of window glass. Cut out a 9 1/2" template like this (minus the box base) with a bit extra around the edges for good measure…

laminate some balsa sheet or high density foam for the foil thickness, sand/foil it - there should be a good amount of the center panel glass edge around the foam/wood foil. Glass about 5 layers of cloth on each side and stick it on the board. If it turns out that it’s absolutely too big, start grinding away the tip and trailing edge until it works just right. You won’t have to completely remove it and glass on another to get something that works. Better if it’s a little too big than too small.

Sorry about that Shwuz, I missed the statement about a glass on.

The fin works great! I’m using on my 6’6" Greenough, stubby, tri-plane hull, thinger-ma-bopper. Great projection off the bottom and I can keep pumping it from here to L.A.

Your right about the pressure on the tip. Maybe if you made one out of carbon fiber and epoxy?

Hey shwuz:

For what it’s worth I did a ply version of that template for a buddy of mine. It was 7 1/4 I believe and I glassed it onto a 6’4’’ diamond tail. I foiled it from a thick piece of birch ply, maybe 1/2 an inch. It is still going strong. I have a ‘real’ one that I use on my singles and am really stoked on it. It seems to make the boards I’ve used it on more lively, particularly in lack luster surf. My .02.

hi Jarrod !

my question is …

WHY can’t you put a fin box in ??

the tail on that looks the same thinness as the tail on the mal that I just made , and put a fin box in …

is it because there is no [?wood ? or ] whatever to hold the box in ? [that board …is it an "E.P.S. " core / wood laminate , or hollow woden surfboard , or what ?]

cheers mate !


I only ask about the box , because …well…you know me , I’d like you to be able to try as many different single fin shapes and templates [and positions] as possible , to ride that board in a good range of conditions …

just my aus.05 [we don’t have 2c pieces here !]

I was reminded again how crazy sensitive a single fin board is to fin template and location, yesterday. Short of shaping up something similar with a box, do you have access to something similar in shape, length and rocker that you can fool with. Otherwise, you’ll never really know…I would DEFINITELY try the paddle fin in something else before you glassed it on; they are a very weird beast. That said…I like John’s recommendations for a fairly fool proof template.

Ok, not that I can’t put in a box… It would just really be a shame on this particular board. You’ll see when its all done and buffed up… Plus, it really needs a wood fin, and that means not only shaping a fin, but doing all the grunt work to make it fit a box. REALLY not my favorite job!

jarrod jarrod jarrod

you make beautiful boards .

you , I’m sure , can make beautiful fins for that board. And beautiful finbox bases for them.

And have verstility …

… rather than being stuck with one fin , in one place , that will not work in a variety of conditions .

But you already know that , don’t you ? ! …I’ve been "p.m’ing you this stuff for two years now , here and at forum.surferslag.

Why does the whole “purist” / “aesthetics” approach pervade , to the point of getting in the way of function ?

PLEEEASE , I implore you …put in a fin box ! …You will NOT regret it !


…"ben chipper is in no way , shape or form affiliated with , or paid by , Bahne or any other fin box manufacturing company "

[maybe I should be , though ?!..I sure seem to do lots of free advertising for fin systems here !]

well, it is possible to “tack” one on with a tad of bondo.(or even tape!) we have done this before tuning fin placemant in.once you find the sweet spot mark it and glass it on.

Hey J…

you ever check this website out?

Woodies galore…

if not just for some ideas…


Whats that board made of anyway? Balsa?



I agree with John!


well, it is possible to “tack” one on with a tad of bondo.(or even tape!) we have done this before tuning fin placemant in.once you find the sweet spot mark it and glass it on.

Make the fin out of 32 layers of glass. clear. cut and foil the fin larger and thicker ( a fraction) glass it in the spot you think is good. then ride it and tune in the fin by sanding it and foiling it as you go . or grind it off and go again. a wood fin will react different to a glass fin ( I reacon) . Thats my 2 bobs worth

Oh, forgot to mention, it is still missing the deck skin too… That would explain the unusual appearance.

I was afraid finmaster Chip would have something to say about this too… Yes, it makes more sense to have a box in it. Probably the most sense. I just feel like it needs a glass-on… I can always put a box in later, but I can never take one back out.

“I can always put a box in later, but I can never take one back out.”

you would never need to take one back out .

Either a greenough Stage IV or 4A. Start at 9.0"

The tail is pretty drawn in but so the Stage IV might work ok but I think the 4A which John Mellor has pictured will suit the board fine.

No Worries, Rich