what now?

Ok i have done research but have found different answers. Say i have a blank with an outline drawn. I will rough cut it wiht a handsaw. Now what? some say shape the rails wiht a surform, some say use a planer first? any help would be appreciated

I use the planer to true up the outline. If you are new to the planer just start with shallow cuts with many passes. Alternatively, you could use the sureform but a better choice might be a long sanding block with 60 grit.

ok sounds good, so this would get the thickness down and then i woulod begin with the rails?

just get your outline squared up before you dome your deck and start your rails or else your rails will have bumps

its not to hard just make shure your cut 90 degress down the whole rail and smooth out any bumps

  • good luck

alrgiht thanks, im gonna be starting the board around xmas and i will post pics with my progress