What`s it to you?

How is “high performance” defined by YOUR surfing?

smooth and sometimes functional. Allow the board to react to the wave and vice versa.

increments of smile

…When a board leaves you behind on your ass,and it can manuver faster than you can think it thru…My 6-1 Supercharged Fish,did this for the first year or so,that I owned it.I’ve caught up to it’s performance levels now after 4 years.Herb

Making the wave is the number one criteria. Next is “feel”. I guess I’m over the radical maneuver thing so I want a design to give me a feel; mat-speed, hull-rail turn acceleration, thruster-lower body workout (you know it is possible to pump without flapping). I’m past trying to look good. I just wanna feel good! Newbs

I like that comment about flapping…more than an increment of a smile

Real fast and smooooth. I want to forget about everything, except what`s far ahead. Affirmative on surf mat velocity!

Wave judgement, positioning, timing, and making the wave without falling off.

Total absorbtion! When mind, body, board (or any other surf vehicle) & wave are in sync. That moment when all else ceases to exist. http://dreamflagproductions.com