What shortboard should i get as a tall lanky longboarder?

Hello people,

tapping into the wealth of knowledge available here, can you help me out w some suggestions:

I want to get off my performance longboard (9’0 Randy French SweatshopTech) and onto something smaller.

Being 36yo, 6’6 tall, 175lb, shoesize 13, I like my longboard for paddling speed, catching waves easily and the drive you get. But I’d like to go more vertical and do more moves on smaller waves.

I’ve tried shorter boards like 7’0 shortboard type shapes but always came back to longboards since i never felt at home on’em, like they felt too slow for me. I’m a reasonable surfer on a longboard, can throw that around, but put me on a shortboard and i’m a right dork. What do you suggest would be a good board that works from hip hi waves to overhead, mostly not so hollow beachbreak, the odd point break? I like fishes for speed but thrusters do nicest carves. A guy on a bonzer a while ago did some real nice flowing surfing on a fat pointbreak. A board i had a lot of fun on was a 7’6 Hobie single fin Peter Pan, but don’t want single fin 4 this allrounder. I think i’d prefer epoxy for my next board for durability.

PlusOneShaper had some interesting advice on going wider for taller people. I don’t know if i want a 6’5 tho, but open to any advice!

Next question: who would you advise here in New Zealand as a reputable shaper, with some experience shaping for taller people?

thx in advance! PIM

check out the Hobie “Mini-Bird”. it’s a shrunken down version of the “Black Bird”, and it’s available as a 2+1. had my hands on one the other day…nice shape.