what size and weight is your surfboard? is 6'6 at 7lbs heavy or light?

new board feels a bit on the heavy side but I haven’t ridden it

Depends how it’s glassed, how YOU like the weight to be, and of course, what kind of waves.

For sure, for fast, steep waves, you wouldn’t mind a heavier board.

For sure, if you are a twist and shouter, wiggle butt’er, you’d like a lighter board.

If you’re a pro surfer, of course a lighter board.

Possibly if you’re used to 14lbs. 7’ funboards, that board is too light!

Hey Jedi…thats not bad at all but you’d be amazed at what a 1/2 pound change will do…Im now trying to build a 5.5lb 6’4 buts its very challenging…stay tuned

Hey jedisurfer, your awareness of weight must mean you want it light. (If you didn’t mind some weight, you probably wouldn’t have posted).

Seriously light Pro surfboards are regularly under 6 lbs for that size. I ride a 6’1" that is 5-1/4lbs. Durability is typically not a high priority. You will really notice 1/4 lb when you are venturing into this lightness range.

With that said, I’ve got an 8’6" cruiser that is heavy, flowing, and great. My tow board weighs as much as 3 shortboards and it’s 6’0". It really is all relative to what you are trying to achieve; which has not been stated yet…

My first 8’ HWS weighs in at 28lbs. I now have one arm longer than the other. Anything below that is really light to me.


“Seriously light Pro surfboards are regularly under 6 lbs for that size. I ride a 6’1” that is 5-1/4lbs. Durability is typically not a high priority."

WOW +1…amazing. So how many sessions does a pu/pe board that light ride like new? I cant imagine it feeling quick and responsive for more than a dozen surfs…I dunno dont really ride anything that lite but Im gonna try getting there with EPS/epoxy.

meecrafty, you’re not far off as to the number of sessions. The boards seem to have their “livelyness” for about 2 months of primary use, maybe 3 months. It’s been a frustration as this seems to be the time when the surfers are just starting to really get into their boards.

The board described is quite extreme and would never be retailed. P/U is at the ultralight density and is handpicked from a batch of blanks that seem to vary a bit. Single 4 both sides with minimal laps and foot patches of 4. The layups are done in about 6 minutes then quickly placed into our oven which almost thermally shocks the resin but also locks it so it won’t soak too far. Been experimenting with squeegeeing gloss resin (harder compound) onto the deck lam instead of hotcoating and sanding. Glass-on fins with lighter cloth.

A lot of what we strive for and learn in the competitive arena trickles into our production boards and we are very cautious to be more focused on durability and quality on the retail boards. Still, it is an interesting game, “fast, but loose; strong, but light”…

Remember, I’m also really into heavy/super-heavy boards for their energy retention, (just so I don’t get “shot down” for making the above statements…) peace.