What size fin???

Hey Guys.

I have a 7'8" funboard that was a thruster set-up.

I have now converted it to a 2 + 1 (wish I hadn't now)

I am running longboard sides in it but not shaw what center fin to use.

I am asking because I will be making it. 

All my other fins are 8" up which will be too big for this board.

I was thinking maybe 6 1/2 or 7"

Maybe a cut-away

I dont really know.

Any suggestions??



Use one of your 8'' fins by itself. If not, I used to use a 6 1/2'' fin with lb side fins on my 7'10 which worked well. My 7'10'' gets used as a single fin now, love it!.

6" cut away for the center fin

GL side bites

For that size board it will be fun.



this is a template that works well for my MP3 designs , it works great with some small side bites, when side bites are in, I usually have a 6-6 1/2" single ( depending on surfers size, weight and waves to be ridden of course ), and when ridden as a single only, I push the fin further back in box, or up the fin size to 7- 7 1/2" fin......but this template gives good manouverability compared to some other singles I have used but it is a fine line between having it right ( placement in box and also right combo of size and with side bites ), and not quite right, quite a difference in performance.....but when it is right, it feels very sweet.....





7" in the middle and the smallest you find for the side ones