What style board should I ride?

I am new here and I have been riding Longboards in all conditions in San Francisco for about eight years for now, but due to recent contraints in the size of my living space I have forced to start riding shortboards. I don’t riding my thruster when the surf over head, but up until about six foot, I can’t stand ridding my thruster. And I hate pumping more than anything. Now I’ve moved down to Santa Cruz and I am going to meet with Johnny Rice on Saturday to talk about shaping a board. But he said that he wanted me to get an idea of the kind of shape I was looking for. I wasw thinking about a classic fish cause I wan’t something that is really really fast but my surfboard shape knowledge is pretty limited so I anyone could help point me in some good directions I would really appreciate it. I would want the board to be under 6’4" and I like my boards thick so that they float me, and to have down turned rails, kinda retro stlye. Any thoughts? Thanks in advance.

have dr. rice observe your tecnique in person or on film to assess your ability this may make a world of difference ambrose…take a twenty year leap forward in equiptment…right greg?

hey- be stoked to visit Johnny, be kind, show him respect, bring him a gift(no alchohol) the guy has seen and done things us lesser mortals can only dream of. North Shore 1958, there the first day the Hook was surfed, big middle peak no wetsuit, no cord, on a slab. Hell, the guy has done the Sundance for real! All due respect to Johnny Rice- and his wife Rosemari too:an artist and a surf pioneer on her own. I have a board that Johnny shaped me that is pure magic 9’8" single fin pintail.

Look in the resources for boards that people shaped so you can get a better understanding of the specs. You can also talk to the person that shaped the board.

I also have a board of his that is pure magic, its a 9’0. I can’t buy alcohol anyway, so that isn’t a problem, but this is my first custom board so what kind of gift do you bring to a shaper?

Dude, I surf an 80’s styled Tom Curren model, its an Almerick board, its flatter than most in the rocker, slightly wider and slightly thicker,with a single flyer about at the side fins and a square tail. It goes great is small to medium surf and is easy to paddle and easy to catch waves on, also due to the thickness its forgiving. The down side is that in bigger waves it gets a bit skatey at higher speeds. This shape seems to be making a comeback. Just get something that floats you well enough so its enjoyable out there, and if its crowded, then it helps to have a bit more paddle speed. Andy

a loaf of bread? fruit? a book you like? my mom taught us to bring a house gift when you go visit someone. we all eat, most of us read. a tape or c.d. of Hawaiian music? mariachi music?- Johnny speaks fluent spanish and portugese- brasilian music? some art you made? a trucker hat with something funny on it?

A years subscription to The Surfers Journal.

How bout a picture of some of Steve Brom’s cool shapes!! The real thing’s are way to expensive for mortals … have fun!

are those Stevie Rice Rockets?

Don’t agree with you on that one Coral, Steve made it for me and it’s worth every peney. By now my first Brom is two years old, surfed hard and only has some very light dents on the top deck. A normal board would have been half the price, but I doubt if it would look the same, it sure would not surf the same. Peter Rijk