What the hell is this?

I’m back. I’ve been mostly on surfermag design but very few there actually make boards. I’ve been working on a board and did the bottom lam and found this weird diamond shaped opaque spot in the glass. Never seen this before. Anybody have an idea what happened? Should I try and grind it out. It shouldn’t have much structural effect.

Good question.
Looks like unsaturated cloth.
Was there a sticker on the cloth?

When I saw it appear I pushed resin over it. My best guess is maybe a drop of sweat? Weird that it made a diamond shape. I dremeled it out, No harm no foul.

Maybe a reaction with some substance in the wood? Oil? Since it seems to be right over a knot in the wood, maybe that irregularity transfered to resin or cloth…

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Hi Balsa. That can’t be it, because the veneers are book matched, so there is a knot on the other side as well and nothing happened there.