What to do about botched cut

Hey guys, I just made the initial cut on my first board, but I wasn’t paying attention and cut too far in on one part. I also made the mistake of cutting right on the outline so I didn’t leave any margin for error. Should I cut a piece of foam out in the shape, glue it to the spot, and then cut it again? Leave it? It’ll mess with the natural flow of the outline if I just leave it I think. Cheers.

Ignore pencil lines. They’re for outlines I decided not to go with.

It doesn’t seem too bad, if you could move the templet over a bit and then do likewise on the other side that may fix the problem.  Not to play Monday morning quarterback, but next time cut 1/8" to the outside of the line and cant bottom edge of the saw blade so that the outline is bigger on the opposite side.  This cut can be easily trued to the line with a surform or sanding block. It can also,be trued with your planer, but that is more of an advanced technique this early in your shaping career.

How deep is this? Cuz it looks like nothing to me. Like you could shape the whole board, and add a dab of spackle at the end (just before glassing), or pull the width in 1/8". But it can’t  be that minor, cuz then why start a thread on it, so it must be the photo distortion??? 

   Exactly.        Leave it alone, and it will vanish when you do the final sand screen of the rails.

Oh you mean like cut/sand down to the new narrowest point? I could do that, it would probably make for the cleanest shape.

I may be over thinking it, I just wasn’t sure if after I sand the rails in it would still be noticacble since i can’t sand much of the width of the board. I really didn’t leave any room to do that. 

By the time you turn the rail, that little oops will be long gone. Without altering the shape.  I never worry about those types of Probs. because I know that the turn in the rail wil cover it.  But then again after many’s years I rarely screw an outline with an opps like that.  Not saying it’s not possible, but highly unlikely.  Lowel

That was my hope. I just wasn’t sure that even after sanding the rails I still might be able to see the dip in the outline. 

I think you are going to be fine on the turn of the rail.  Go slow and easy.  Small cuts and go to the Surform and sanding block early.  Then to the secret weapon(4 fingers, a thumb and sandpaper).  Of course there is my favorite “Dragon Skin”( not for the faint of heart).  What I am saying is if you are really concerned; turn the rail by hand and take your time.

well, atleast make sure to count your screening walks of the rails until its gone and then do the same amount to opposite rail. that way they hopefully will be alike. you have to go inside of your intended apex on the rail to get rid of it. thats why some shapers stress that you always leave 1 or 2 16s of the wall (apex) of your rail. if not your altering your shape…