What type of cloth is this?

[img_assist|nid=1069697|title=surfboard cloth|desc=|link=none|align=left|width=640|height=463][img_assist|nid=1069697|title=surfboard cloth|desc=4oz or 2oz|link=none|align=none|width=0|height=463]

Hi all, I have just been given a whole roll of cloth, I am not sure what it is, it wets out okay and seems pretty strong. I have a suspiscion that it could be 2oz cloth but may be 4oz. In the photo I have laid a SD card between my 6oz on the right and this tight weave ? oz cloth on the left. I have a soap bar ready to glass and was thinking of giving it a try.


Any ideas, if 2 oz 2 layers and 3 layers, advice welcome.

Left looks like 4 right looks like 6? That’s my guess - I’ve never used 2oz cloth though so I could be wrong

if it came in a box, the numbers on the box can be used to find out not
only the weight of the cloth but also the finish type, etc… google
search is easy!  if no box, since you have a whole roll, cut a square yard and weigh it.   Save the cutoff for a fin patch or better yet laminate it over a scrap of foam with a rail or tail shape… see how well the stuff drapes & wraps before you do a whole board with it.  



no way is that 2 oz cloth from the picture, i would say 4 oz left

Thanks guy’s I have used 4 oz but not for years, it is a dense weave but wets out well and will wrap easy. I stick to 6 oz with my boards normally as they have better durability. The patch has somewhat cured now and the single layer feels very tough. I have no box but could weigh it. I am pretty confident it’s upto the job and as it was free have nothing to lose I suppose.

4oz plain weave

not sure about the cloth but I sure did a double take on that SD card.

Looks like the 3oz (106gr/m²) tight flat wave (impact glass ?)  i use for patch. Rolls are 1.05m widths.

Sorry for my frenglish