What type of color pattern is this?

I’m new here so I appoligize if this is the incorrect place to post this!  I bought this Eavey years back and have often tried to describe the distressed look to glassers but have fallen short.  Is there an industry name for this style?  Also could anyone explain how to achieve this look?


Many thanks!!




Not sure what they call it but it’s done with a resin tint cut lap top and bottom in the dark color followed by the white hot coat. When the hot coat is sanded down it reveals the color underneath especially over the lap areas/high spots. Looks like they drizzled some black resin on there after applying the last HC or gloss coat.

Okay thanks!  It definitly makes for a unique look that I would like to replicate one day.

Sanded Hot Coat

That and contrasting unblended freelaps were a thing a few years back.   

You can make it look similar, but never an exact copy of.  The dark pigment under the opaque white/gray hotcoat is exsposed by sanding in a way that reveals the darker color.  Here are a couple of tips to accent things.  Don’t “zip cut” the lap.  Cut the lap vertical, cutting straight down and even into the foam a bit.  The resin from the opposite side will then creep down into that cut.  This gives the cut lap more definition.  When a lap is cut deep like that it also allows one to take another color and brush it down into the cut.  The board is hot coated with an opaque, then sand to reveal the detail underneath…

Thanks everybody!  I’ll give it a try on my next board!

Started with red lam, basted rails and fin area with brown. Added checker pattern on lam. Then hotcoated with teal. I went with the baste so I didn’t have to sand too deep into the glass to get the other color. I bet you could either baste with clear or don’t run the hot coat so opaque. I really like the three color look though.

I was always under the impression that it is bad to cut too deep into foam because it can cause bubbles when doing the lap and you never want to cut into glass when lapping other than the nose and tail where it is required? 

I’m not talking about anything more than 1/16".  That’s what I would shoot for.  Even on a one color tint some guys used to do that.  On a light tint the result would be a line around the cutlap that was a shade darker.  Almost a pinline.  Used to be pretty common.  These days everybody zip cuts so no cut for resin to drain into.  I don’t think you’re getting it.  The only glass you’re cutting is the excess that is on the tape at the cut lap.  I am going to post up some pics.  When you see the cut lap you’ll understand.  If the bottom is glassed and then you do the deck cut lap onto the bottom, you’d have to be a brute to cut thru hardened six ounce.  Used to cut into foam on the deck, but these days I zip cut.  A lot cleaner.  I never got bubbles along the cutlap, if you brush in another color as I mentioned, that fills the foam cut anyway.  Also if you were to baste there would be no issue.  Problem is that on lighter colors you would not baste because it would most likely show.

One of a kind and pretty obvious if you know you are looking at.  Done using the method I described. No bubbles.  L

Off course the whole board was later covered with a clear 4oz and gloss and polish.  A Frogg glassed this board,  I knew what he did as soon as I saw it.  He filled me in a little, but didn’t give up any secrets on the color.

The deck is less striking, but just as interesting methodology.

Deck is just a normal cut lap. No foam cut.

Don’t know about that 1/2 longboard, but how much$$ for the truck??

I wouldn’t call a mini Simmons half a long board. More like a half a Simmons or closer to a fish. I’m not sure about it either, that is why I made one. Cheaper than buying it. Also looking to have something for those longboard days at spots with a good non-longboard walk, or when I have been surfing too many days and don’t feel like carrying a log down to the beach. 


truck isn’t mine. Buddy just sent me the pic after I sent him a photo of the board and told him I was going for old patina hot rod.


That board looks like what I have heard called a dirty hot coat, or dirty fill coat. I know a guy who loves to do those, I have never seen them the same as the sand through patina look. I’m sure you gotta get that glass smoooooth to not botch that job

Burnt Unber and Raw Sienna. 80% of which was in the lam.  The rails were basted on the bottom.  Then the whole board got a clear 4oz.  The deck got an Umber tinted hotcoat.  No dirt.