what would you reshape with a....

Ok, here’s the deal: I shaped a board awhile back, and my rocker set up looks fine, my rails - I’m not happy with at all. The nose looks fine, tail is too wide…I forgot to plane down the stringer enough on the bottom w block plane…ok, it’s in shambles I accidentally banged a sizey pressure ding on belly…Anyway, I’m losing it, and im thinking about strip n it and reshape it!? It’s probably good I made
A wide tail.I’m sure I could squeeze a fife teen inch wide tail, and a eleven to twelve inch nose, and wide point is nineteen and a half. I need some suggestions for a reshape. Fyi it’s on a new Clark foam blank. That’s why I dont want to waste it.oh, it’s six foot long wp back a inch wide round pin tail. Tell me what you can build w it. Sizes anything from five six up! Tia
Note: keep in mind, we can cut of sum
inches off top side (nose)if a wide point forward design sought.or we can cut a inch off top to put widest point dead center…i also feathered in a bit of added tail rocker w planer. So I got about two and a half inch tail rocker, four and a quarter nose flip continuous curve rocker.the rails are “boxy”, and too thick- so we got rm to change…two . 5 thick at apex…so throw me sum ideas! Thanks man.

…can you post up a photo of it  , please ?


  how thick is it , at present ?


and , for a comparison …


… what size [length , width , thickness] board do you ‘usually’ ride [say , 90 % of the time] … and , how much shorter and / or narrower /  thinner are you still ABLE to ride ?


  cheers !



I can probably post a pic next week as I’m setting up a outdoors shaping spot at a friend’s…I got saw horse brackets at ace hardware for $ 8.00 tho for two w coupon
horses 500 lb rating!:slight_smile: gotta make sum thin plywood c calipers w wingnut etc…but yeah, I gotta re- build I’m not happy…

Board is two and a half inch thick at apex wide point back a inch. So I set my apex there… nose n tail a foot up from tips one and a half thick…rockers look smooth and not
heavily rockered. Rails are boxy and too thick, I had rushed it bcuz I planned to surf it on weekend…bad move. My tail width I think is sixteen wide, nose twelve a foot down from tips…flat bottom w mild v in tail.

I can ride a 5’4" knee board, but I think at five eleven, and nineteen and a quarter w fuller low rails might work? Ideally I will sell it to a friend.He is around five nine and not heavy.
Boards I was riding: 5’10x 21" twin, 6’1"x 19 1/4"x2.5" thick thruster(daily driver rode ninety percent of time), with maybe sixtyforty rails…shortboard rails I geuss!? I got sanding screen and the plan is to take the rail down a notch or so…and reshape tail half.

I await your tips…an idea I been thinking would be the easiest is to take a dremel w cut off weel and carefully cut the glass on deck side on dreaded thick boxy Rails…then Carfully cut the edge thru to foam…im hope n I can remove the blank w out ruining my shape…in worse case scenario I feel I can yield a fiveeight or fivenine np.ideally, if can stripper down w care I can yield a five ten or five eleven…but tail has to be a sliver narrower.