whats better?? 2*6oz or 1*12 oz

hey, i want to glass my new one with one layer 12 oz at bottom and 2 layers of 12oz at the deck! i am using very light foam.

what do you thing? strong enough? will it work?

i ask, because 12 oz is just 1/5 of the price of 6 oz! for a student a very good option, if 12 oz will work!

glassing with epoxi!



no offense, but the 12oz being 1/5 the price of the 6oz seems suspect.

jep your right

but i pay arround 45 euro for glass (6oz) for one board and i just pay 10 euro for 12 oz! i dont know why, but its really cheap!

i remember a similar thread to this when someone asked about 3 x 4oz vs 2 x 6oz. The generally consensus if I remember correctly was that you will use less resin by doing 3 x 4oz, achieveing a higher fiber to resin ratio and lighter laminate.

lighter AND stronger as the majority of the strength is in the glass fiber not the resin

good luck filling the weave on 12oz glass…get ready for a really, really heavy board with little of the weight actually doing any useful reinforcing. Not saying it can’t be done, but 12oz? Yikes. I’ll be there are cheese graters out there that are smoother.

Personally, I’ve even sworn off of 6oz! 4 oz or less, multiple layers please.

Some of the older hands will attest to the fact that many board builders in the early 60s used single 20 oz glass jobs. I can’t imagine trying to work with that stuff.

I have an old issue of Surf Guide that lists who did this. Don’t have it handy at the moment. I’m on the road, so to speak.