Whats the best epoxy to use in the UK?

Ive noticed quite a few guys on here from the uk i not realy to sure who to ask otherwise but ive read alot about what epoxy’s people are useing in the usa and it seams like every one is raving about Greenlight  and saying its way better than resin research but here in the uk i have only found resin research and kwick kick at seabase other than more marine orientated epoxy’s. Is RR the only option in England and i just have to accept the problems that the greenlight fans are saying about it or is there something else out there i havnt seen? 


many thanks charlie

I've always thought lyle's golden syrup is a pretty nice colour for a board, kind of ambery. I like amber sandwiches!

thanks for the info so far. i wasnt aware of surf clear, i had a little look on home blown but didn’t see any additive f type product to go with it, can you use rr add. f or does it just not need it?


many thanks


hi, i have used quite a few epoxies in the uk , rea resins from france sold by connextions in bristol , i think they have been taken over now , r and r from seabase ,
epoxy uk resins , amber tinted fine over wood ,
west resins ,again amber tinted,
reactive resins from bodmin which is close to where i live, reactive do a low viscosity resin which wets out beautifully , the first lot i bought were slight amber ,almost clear really but they are now clear ,
these resins seem as good as any of the other resins i have used if not better ,
i wanted to try as many as i could to see if some are better than others ,
the west resin blushes quite abit and they are costly in the smaller quantites,

the r and r resins are perfectly fine ,
the epoxy uk resin is low viscosity and slight amber but for glassing a wood board is a really good resin , the low viscosity means it wets out good and when mixing it does/nt hold air bubbles too long ,

my favourite resin is the reactive resin low viscosity one , good wet out , does/nt hold bubbles after mixing , sets in a good time and does/nt bloom much ,

i hav/nt had any failures in any of the resins ,all seem strong , i could/nt comment on which ones would be more flexable than each other , pete

What problems have you heard about RR?

I like the RR fast but did not like the Kwik Kick.

I’m not in England tho…


Think these guys are uk based. I never tried it. Pauluk has some experience with this one I think. Maybe he'll chime in.

I tried to get a few litres of it to Irealnd, but that would have involved driving for a few hours to meet someone coming of a ferry.

I used RR KK once....no problems.

Hi Charlie

I also live in the UK and have made 8 boards out of epoxy so far. 

Apart from Resin Research from Seabase there is also Surf Clear Epoxy Resin from  Homeblown 


I have only used their Glass One before but they currently dont stock it. It is more expensive than RR but seems to give a better finish. I am using mainly RR at the moment to reduce costs but have more problems with fish eyes, pinholes etc which I dont seem to get with Glass One.

I also use West System for boat repairs and epoxy and plywood construction… Nice to work with and am considering doing a board with it but it does not have a uv inhibitor in it so needs an additional coating. Available from East Coast Fibreglass. 


All the other epoxies I have investigated in the Uk seem too toxic or inappropriate for boards.

Would be interested to hear from other UK board builders about this.

Price of this looks good retrothis! Would be interested to know what it is like to work with.

Surf clear is a resin made by sicomin (France) as glass one. Surf clear is ther high tech clear resin, it use by surftech, salomon, and many windsurf/kitesurf builders. You can buy it directly to sicomin via website.

In France there is resoltech 1070s from resoltech, high perf resin too. Axson for clear lam is a very good resin too.

I test many resin and find RR2000CE is a good easy to use resin. Flexible than many others epoxy, low sensibility to Temperature and humidity, tough after full cure. KK cure kick but too stiff.

Sorry for my frenglish

Sorry ILS

like I said, never tried it. When talking to Paul about it, IIRC he mentioned that it was very strong resin, but its amber coloured, so I think he said he used it in combo with tints.

 I glassed one board with SurfClear...got it from seabase when they still carried it.

This resin flows well. It cures the slightest yellow. Didnt matter to me as the board was completly black.

 Maybe Glass One is transluscent completly.

Rea was bought by sicomin. Sicomin made an sanding additif for surf clear. You can buy it and resin on viralsurf webshop.

Chrisp, for me RR2000CE is the best resin and i don’t like KK too.

I did 1 board over PU with Reactive resin and I found it  compressed too easily and the board sufferred a lot of dents. Ive used RR200 on a few compsands and the outcome was excellent. I’m currently using RR QK but just for ding repairs, I haven’t built a board with it yet.

I find the key to using epoxy in cold environments is to watch the humidity and heat EVERYTHING, blank, resin, glass tools, laminate to the same temperature before you start.

Burnsie ya gotta post and discuss some of these boards you make .

Don’t play Secret Squirrel !

Yup, I’m about to order some of the CE and just use the rest of the KK that I have for dings and fin boxes.