What's the deal with flex fins and hulls

I’m almost finiished with my hull build project.  I installed a 10" finbox and am trying to decide on a fin. I have read that hulls are supposed to have flexy fins.  Really?  Is is not a true hull without the flex fin?  I was thinking about re foiling one of the store bought fins in my collection for this project; however, I am really skeptical about the benefits of flex in a fin.  Will my board ride better if I spend the time foiling it down to a thickness where it can flex?  What is the magic fin recipe for making the perfect hull?

Here is a read from the Liddle website. http://www.liddlesurfboards.com/flexfins.html


Paging Lee V… Hey Scott, I don’t know the answer to your question but Rainbow Fins makes a couple of nice flex fins. I saw some at Freeline the other day. Probably all the shops have them. Mike

It’s a single fin so different fins will feel a lot different no matter what kind of bottom or outline not to mention moving them around in the box.  A good flex fin will give the board a more lively feel but if you don’t know how to engage the rail, they will feel like you are on the edge of spinning out at any moment.  A stiffer or fin with more area will give you a more stable ride but it will feel a little dead to someone who knows how to surf a hull. I would purchase a nice Greenough Stage III or IV 8-9 inches deep and a True Ames Liddle flex the same depth and try them out.  Don’t over fin the board or it will really feel dead no matter what your experience.

If you put the hull in the middle or toward the tail the Greenough is probably the call.  If you put the hull up forward like a classic Liddle smoothie than go with a long base liddle flex.

Don’t forget the dialing-in period.  It will take a few sessions to find the best location for the fin based on the board’s shape and the way you surf.  Then you get to do it all over with the next fin 'cause chances are the magic spot will be different!

And the board size is…?        Dim’s?       

The surfer…

Thanks for all of the great info Lee!  My board has the hull further forward and is flat in the tail.

I think I have a flex fin laying around somewhere, if I can find it you’re welcome to try it out… and keep it if you fall in love with it.  Not a hull guy, myself.

Ted, Michael, Steve.