Whats the least toxic to clean lam resin from your hands?

i always wear gloves but inevitably i get some resin on my forearms when glassing. i know acetone is a big no-no but what can you use to remove this stuff that is not to horribly toxic or absorbed by the skin?

We would use a thick slurry of TIDE laundry powder. It will remove resin. The powder gets kinda warm when you add the water.

glass with epoxy…cleans up with Go-Jo

I’ve always used Lestoil. Along with hot water and a scrub brush, it cleans off uncured resin quite well. I use it on brushes, too. Instead of using up quantities of acetone, I dip the brush in acetone, shake it out, then wash with Lestoil and hot water. Rinse well.

Comet !!!

It smells like hell,but it’ll do the job.,that and some skin loss.H

Comet… it makes you soooo oh green !

Comet…, It tastes like gasoline !

Comet , It’ll make you vomit !

So get some Comet and vomet today !


You’re right. I forgot about Comet. We used to use that also. Gets the job done, but stinky.

in our town they deliver the newspaper in skinny plastic bags

slit one end and that goes about your upper arm-tape it on

slide your hand inside the bag and rip a hole in the botton

stick your hand out put on a disposable glove tape the bag to

the glove…a glove a long plastic bag and some tape=clean hands

and arm,s?


eye rubbin amd nose pickin

oppertunities with no waiting


and no clean up

other than

tossing the glove

and plastic bag

in the trash.

hi bill and you are 100% right the washing powder slurry whith hot water

not only clean hands brushes squeege havent used acetone

for 25 years just because were old dont meen were dumb


im sure this will seem to make no sense but acetone in a virgin fresh out the 55 gal barrel is not that bad for you. as long as you dont take a bath in it using it to clean a few drips from you fore arm isnt Going to kill you.(its the dirty acetone or reclaimed stuff that you should not try to bathe in.) clean virgin acetone will evaporate before it rushes to your heart and kills you.

they use acetone in open heart surgery so go figure.

Use rubbing alcohol!

99cent store stock up get the stuff with citrus in it even better!!!

I always have a old towel put some on it and rub it off!

If your an alchy then you can even take a few sips now and then!


What’s in non-acetone nail polish remover?

The other day I had PU glue all over my hands, for some reason I forgot gloves. I was @ home so I asked my GF for her nail-polish remover, thinking it had acetone in it. No such luck, it was the kind mentioned above. But it worked anyway, very well too. I was very surprised. I checked the back of the bottle- Methyl acetate -seems to be the magic potion. Don’t know much about it, but I figured someone here would have a thing to say about it. :slight_smile: -Carl

a little bit of acetone on a tshirt will go a long way. i can’t imagine it’s that terrible for you.

don’t you love when the resin starts to burn on your forearm? and the itch the days after is fantastic.

glass with epoxy...cleans up with Go-Jo


I use gojo orange cleaner w/pumice. Works great and the little squirt top is real handy.

If you’re using epoxy, vinegar takes uncured epoxy of everything. Never tried it with polyester.

Ya Bill,

I couldn’t figure out which smell was the worst at times…the MEKP/RESIN or the Comet/Ajax odor.

In all fairness…I don’t think Comet or ajax is less toxic either…well less than acetone,that’s foresure.

And,it does work.H

Howzit Darth, That’s the way I do it using the clean acetone bucket. I am probably the worst example when it comes to chemicals. The only time I use my gloves and respirator is when laminating and glossing, the rest of the time no gloves. One side affect I have noticed is after a long day I tend to be really thirsty since acetone goes to the kidneys and dehydrates them. What also surprizes me is beer seems to be the only thing that quenches the thirst which iis OK by me. Aloha,Kokua

yea open heart surgery

ya got no choise

well thanks for the feedback dudes. guess i’ll go with gojo. ive used it before for car repair messes and it does work well.