Whats the "new" 10'1 Y blank traditional guys are using?

So I’ve been digging through the archives and have noticed time and time again the 10’1 Y blank being a go to when looking to shape a traditional longboard with some kick in the tail and low nose rocker. US blanks doesn’t have that exact model and was wondering what have people drifted towards since that model is no longer available? I was shooting for a 9’10 (10’8 Y?) possibly a 9’6 (9’8 Y?)…

9’8" Y is great for a 9’6" and the 10’1" C is what I use for a traditional board from 9’8" - 9’11". They both have the rockers your looking for. I know a guy who likes his boards really flat so he gets the 10’8" C and cuts a lot more off the nose

Are you modifying the rocker or working from natural and modifying from there?

I just use the stock blank and tweak it how I want while shaping

US Blanks

9-9 B

10-2 B


love that blank for anything 9’2" to 9’6" super versatile depending on how you cut it. Have made some nose riders and also a few performance logs with that blank. I do add some rocker on the performance ones however. 

I’m guessing all you guys are reversing the rocker to get that wider nose and kick in the tail right? Especially on a 9’6 not having too much wiggle room.

yes sir it’s not bad the blank handles it well plenty of wiggle room in the blank

None of the Longboard blanks available from US Blanks,  Arctic or Millenium are an exact match for any of the Y Series blanks that originated with Rennie Yater and Gordon Clark.  The only sure way to get the old rocker is to spec that rocker when you order a blank from whomever.  Even then the blank will not be an exact match because of thickness changes.  The Y Series were close torelance blanks.  The rocker differences are primarily in the nose where a 1/2 " can be added.  I recently compared the Millennium “P” series to the original Y’s and found the “P’s” to be the closet to the Y’s.  the P Series is a new offering from Millenium.  Millennium has the best Longboard selection/variety of the “Big Three”.  Seventeen combined Longboard/fun shape Blanks.  If you dont’t have the Clark specs on the Y series;  go to Foam EZ and download the catalog.  Lowel

im with mattwho i like to get them with -1" nose rocker

the 9’8y is good too - maybe a better foil but more nose rocker and less tail rocker so more tweaking is needed

10’2 P by Millennium is the closest thing out there.  Lowel