When to apply hot coat

Hello everyone,

I am on the final stages of making a recycled cardboard board.  I think I am ready to apply the hot coat, but was hoping for some advice first.  Due to the nature of the corregated cardboard I have used, I think some of the resin ran through on the initial glassing.  I’m not sure whether the cloth is saturated enough as it’s hard all over but some areas have different colouring.  Please could you advise if I need to do another coat of resin before hot coating?  

Thank you!


Next time you do one of these use a wetout table.  Saturate the cloth on a table then roll it up onto a piece of PVC pipe.  Then roll it out onto the cardboard blank.  You need to use Slow Epoxy or UV Poly to have enough time to do it this way.  At this point I would mix a pint of resin and with a throw away brus go over the board spotting wherever appears to be dry.  If the cloth is unsaturated and takes the resin it will change color.  Afterwards proceed to hot coat.  The main problem with these boards is extra weight created by seepage.

No shame in mixiing up some more resin before lamination cures to fill in dry and void areas. I am epoxy only, and when possible, I thorw my second coat of resin, also known as filler coat and hot coat, when lamination cure is just past sticky for better bonding. You didn’t mention what type of resin you use. I use cardboard to start fires in my fire pit and as make shift wet out tables for foils. That stuff you present looks like burlap to me. I use that routinely with vac bagging and it has a very cool look. Post pics of final board. Stay stoked

Hey, thank you for the advise, I’d never heard of a wetout table before but definitely sounds like a good idea for next time! The board is nice and heavy but I’m hoping strong! Cheers

thanks for the adivce, i mixed some more polyester resin and did another layer, looking good to hotcoat.  will post final pictures soon! cheers

Cool!  Glad it’s working out.  Definitely post some more pics.  I’ve never seen one of these boards in real life.  Was it a Kit that you purchased??