When you don't follow the order card?

Call the customer:

Ding: “Hey your boards ready for pick up!”

Customer: “I never had a 5 fin before I can’t wait!”

Ding: “On second thought can you get your board tomorrow?”

Customer: “See you at 3:00PM tomorrow!”

Ding: “Cool Beans see you then!”


I made the customer a Thruster. (Did not read the order card)

No harm no foul!






why you dirty little sneak you!  LOL

    Howzit surfding, Now you know why the shaper tapes the order card to the shaped blank or is supposed to,duh. Aloha,Kokua

That is awesome. 

I should follow the order cards better and save myself the rework. This one was not so bad. I have had some more challenging ones.

    Hozit surfding, Yep it could have been a lot worse than just adding a couple of fins.Aloha,Kokua