where can i buy a starfin

The fins will drag with pronounced tail rocker like many noseriders and modern longboards have. They work best on moderate rocker such as that of 9’1’’ Y or even flatter. They will work when riding, but the wings are pointed down when paddling with tail rocker.

The best boards to use the on are the McCoys with the “Loaded Dome” bottoms and nugget shape, although I’ve used them on conventional tanker-stylr boards as well with success.

Here’s an example of what the McCoy bottom/tail looks like with fin options (gulls courtesy of Solosurfer).

Interestingly enough, when I first bought a start about 8 years ago (mid 90’s) theyr were made of of a clear lexan plastic as you can see in this red one.

When I bought one for my Nugget a couple years ago they only seemed to come in these swirl opaque pastel colors… Almost like a different material.

Funny in that the clear red one is the one where the tab broke off but I think its repairable with some metal and epoxy. So I’ll keep looking for it and the tab.

I just smacked myself in the head and said “duh” for not figuring that out myself. Thanks solo and soulstice. At least I know I wasn’t imagining it.

When does the varible pitch Starfin come out?

I think Cheyne mentioned one time he was working on some new variations.


I appreciate all the help. im poor right now and contemplating a move so im trying to decide whether the 60 bucks is tryly worth it to spend right now.

what do you think?

i have a more down the line, trim orientated flow style, i dont pump much. i like to let the flatter rocker i surf with do most of the work. i spend most of my time on eggy single fins in teh 6’0 to 7’0 range, except for when its small and clean and i feel like some tip time.

i dont know, i just dont know.

do it mate !

hopefully “oneula” bernie will find his , and you’ll be stoked !

[if he doesn’t find it, maybe fellow swaylockian ‘solosurfer’ can do you a deal ?]

Either way, I think you’ll enjoy the fin !


[it might take you a few surfs to get used to it …it did with me . But , I definately enjoy riding it from time to time !]

Got the fin through, and given it a bit of a go in a few waves (from waist high shore dumpers through to a little over head high fresh swell)

It goes well - didn’t notice it particularly slowing down the board when paddling, and I thought it stuck through the turns a lot better than the old single fin I had in the board.

Thumbs up from me.

stoked , bunyip !

[not dreaming , after all !]